Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 51 - Change #7

Dinner last night was scrumptious. Grilled Cedar Plank Cayenne Salmon with a side of Lemon Quinoa. Kept it quiet healthy yesterday since I took the day off exercise. I also made a chili sauce from Greek yogurt to go with the fish which was good too.

Hockey Update: The Blackhawks were definitely the better team on the ice last night and for it they grabbed a 3-2 series lead in the quest for the Stanley Cup. One more, just ONE more win is all they need to claim that trophy for the first time in my lifetime.

Now if you think that I am the hockey fanatic I come off to be you would be right, I am that indeed. But I am not the only Blackhawk fanatic in our home, in fact I pale in comparison to my wife. here she is with pom-poms ready to celebrate at any opportunity.

And here she is giving those pom-poms a workout after a Blackhawk goal, gotta love her...

Last week I passed on noting another change to commit to, it was Memorial Day last Monday and my post on that day was to have nothing to do about me.

In thinking about commitments this morning I do have another to add to the list. As the length of my mission grows longer I have the benefit of reflecting upon my efforts to review what has helped and what has not. It is not hard at all for me to look at my behavior today, compare it to my standard behavior over 51 days ago, and know why I have thus far been successful.

There are so many minor changes that are adding up, and then there are those few macro changes which are the backbone of the new me. Those macro changes are what I seek in identifying changes for this list I've been assembling.

This latest change...

Change 7...
  • Eat fruits and vegetables every day
It doesn't matter how many servings, although in general the more the better. Looking back at the past seven weeks I have had days where I have eaten as few as three or as many as eight servings of fruits and vegetables combined. Why this change is worthy of noting is simply the impact it has had. The old me did not eat fruits and vegetables daily. On days I did manage to get some I'd eat one or two servings tops.

There certainly is allot to be said for the quality of your food contributing the quantity of your health. Fruits and vegetables certainly qualify as quality foods. My having chosen to replace snickers bars for apples, to replace six-slice bacon & cheddar omelets for green pepper & onion egg white omelets, to replace a big bowl of fruit loops for a garden salad, to replace pringles chips for a vine of grapes... having made these choices have me on my way to being healthy.

My favorite fruit lately has been Watermelon which is abundant in the grocery stores now. I've been eating so much the casual onlooker may feel I need a 12-step program for my addiction. Veggie wise I've been working Onions into dishes in more creative ways lately. A super versatile veggie.

What are your favorite fruits & veggies?
Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. I love most fruit, but especially summer fruits - watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, etc.

    I like a lot of veggies, too. My fave snack is baby carrots with hummus!

  2. Glad to see the Blackhawks do well! Good game!

    Yes to fruits & veggies! Good substitution for other things! I like the typical broc/carrots/green beans/peppers.... onions are great for you too & like those! Love my cherries, wild blueberries, pineapple, apples, cantalope & more.. not all at the same tim eof course! :-)

    Patrick, talkin gbaout your 4 question post tomorrow - Tuesday!

  3. mushrooms, onions, peppers and spinach in egg white omeletes. Berries, oranges, melon, apples, green beans (cold) in salads.

  4. Well, your replies have made me real hungry all of the sudden, but it is just after midnight so no eating for me. Thanks!