Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 227 - F-18 Flyover Accomplished

Monday was owned. Food near perfect, Exercise nailed!

Queue the anthem and the F-18 flyover... Ok, maybe the fly-over would be a bit much. But that feeling of accomplishment where your are brimming with pride for a job well done, that is how my Monday came off for me. Of course you really can't get the full effect of that feeling until you wake up the next day when there is no longer any opportunity to ruin yesterday.

One key to yesterday's feel-good, how I balanced the days food. The picture there is of my lunch for Monday. Where Monday was spot-on for me is that the calories on my lunch plate exceeded those of my dinner plate. Why is that a big deal?

For so very very long (yes 2 very's) that has not been the case. Even while on this mission which has been largely successful I have struggled to avoid eating 40-50% of my days calories at dinner.

What you see there is garden salad with egg splashed with a bit of sesame oil & ranch accompanied with a bowl of veggie chili; this meal rang in at about 625 calories. My dinner (not pictured) of turkey breast (yes leftovers from Thursday) & fruit salad rang in at about 350 calories.

Over the past several months I have come to know my body fairly well. And I know it feels better, performs better, and maybe even looks better (underscore maybe) when I eat in better balance and when my mid-day meal is larger of the three meals. This I need to remember and strive for daily for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Now I am writing this post read as if such feelings of accomplishment are rare for me. Not the case, they are far more a regular part of my days these past 7+ months than ever. Such feelings of accomplishment can motivate greatly and ought to be recognized and sought after; my opinion.

Hit me with what gave you your last F-18 flyover feeling of accomplishment.

Oh, and for those who may not know what I mean by F-18 flyover, then for crying out loud get yourself to a big time football game, or better yet to a Nascar race; stand, salute, cheer & hang on... Until then just watch THIS.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 224-226 Unplugged & Recharged

Good Morning Everyone! Hope all had a great weekend, and great holiday weekend at that. Did you?

Mine was quite good. For the most part I unplugged after Friday morning's post. A combination of allot planned with the family and just a need to mentally take a break from all of the structures that are my daily norm. Call it a mental vacation without going anywhere, just putting my mind at ease on other things.

A good decision too as I am ready for the new week re: work, home and health.  My brief stint away was not an unhealthy deviation from good sense. Had it been I wouldn't call it unplugging but rather unproductive.

Friday was largely spent at a wrestling tourney with Ryan which I spoke of with Friday's post. Ryan is a sophomore who wrestles on the J-V team. He was called up to the varsity team for the tourney to fill a void at his weight class; 189 pounds. His coach was upfront with him that this would be tough facing juniors & seniors many of whom have gone to state before. Just do the best you can for as long as you can and don't worry if you get your butt kicked. He lost both of his matches but he held his own. Mommadesure he knew that while he was beaten but his butt was far from kicked...
Before all of that wrestling excitement Friday morning started with my dropping Ryan off at the high school and then racing off (I almost typed 'scurrying', but I don't scurry!) to the sporting goods store for my foray into Black-Friday early bird madness. I do not hit the stores in the dark-hours on Black-Friday or any day no matter what the savings. But this store had a dang good combo deal on a 300-pound set of olympic weights and bar (pictured above) so I ventured into the madness. It wasn't too bad as the looney-tunes that camp out and lose sleep over sales had come and gone by the time I got there. Picked up a bench with leg attachment to use the new weights with. Oh these are not gifts, well I guess you can say they are for me and anyone else who wants to use them. But no wrapping paper needed. Came right home and set it all up in the brief window of time I had before it was off to watch wrestling.

Saturday was all about holiday prep. My wife and I took got in some shopping in the morning after breakfast allowing all of that day's early a.m. shopping-crazies to get in and out before us. Back home for a bit I got in the first workout on the new weights before rallying the boys to bring up the bins of holiday decorations and get that stuff out on the lawn. Well, we got started on it but soon came to remember that at the end of last year I threw away many items which were either broken down, tattered or just no longer wanted. This left us with way too little for the job. So off my wife & I went for another round in the stores to replenish the holiday decorations and as well we picked up the Christmas tree. Got a good one too, this thing just sucks up water like a sham-wow sucks money from the pockets of the easily entertained. Came home, got all of that set up and done which wore me out more so than the weights. Topped the day off by escorting my son and his girl friend to the movies. They made sure to sit on the opposite side of the theatre from my wife & I while we took in Due Date. ZZZzzz, I was ready for bed before bed was ready for me.

Sunday, a mix of fun. Up early and out the door with Andrew for a few hours of hunting on the last day of the regular gun season. We saw nothing, except other hunters; no deer for me...
We got in a good dose of cardio walking all over the public wildlife area we opted for this day. After coming home, a hot shower and a bowl of cereal; my wife & I were back out hitting various stores to try and knock out more Christmas shopping. If I had to guess we're about 60% done which means we'll go back out for the rest next weekend.

When we got home Andrew & I played darts on last time for the weekend. He has finally improved enough where he wins 1/2 the time. Over the course of the weekend he has amassed two more wins than I had so he was on the verge of winning a weekend series for just the second time. Bang, bang, I won two games quick and the weekend series was tied at 12-12... one more had to be played and nothing should ever, never-ever, end in a tie; right? Perhaps I should have settled for the tie as he rocked me in the deciding game. Man, next weekend he is so mine!

Ok, that is it; my weekend wrap up. Good fun, good time unplugging, good to ready to go for a new week.

Are you ready for the new week? 

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 223 - Post Turkey Ugh

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was filled with good food and time with the family. I ate well, and didn't over do it. Oh I wanted to. That turkey was calling me to come and get some more of that succulent breast meat. Those mashed sweet potatoes were singing a seductive song which was so lovely. And the pumpkin pie, it just had to sit there and use ESPN to keep it's presence on my mind. Yeah, I so wanted to go and load up a second plate, but I abstained. What a difference a year makes. In years past I would have loaded up two and three plates before surrendering to my recliner for an afternoon nap.

Hope all that are out shopping in the early dark hours of the morning survive the madness. You wont ever catch me out there shopping when the body should be sleeping. This morning I am headed out early though; need to drop my son off at school by 6:30 a.m. so he and his wrestling team can make the not-quite-an-hour'ish trip to Barrington for a tournament. He'll spend all day today there and if he is not eliminated all day Saturday too. Thankfully his practice yesterday was in the morning so it didn't interfere with family plans. The tourney starts at 10 a.m. so I will have time to get in some exercise before heading down myself to spend the day watching the action.

Is the exercise in your plans for today?
Some exercise can help shake free the ugh feeling you may be feeling from over doing it yesterday.
And if you didn't over do it, just get some exercise in just because.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 222 - Happy Thanksgiving


Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 221 - Holiday: Bring It

Who doesn't enjoy a holiday? Well, there are plenty of people that do not look forward to holidays for a variety of reasons. So the question instead should be who doesn't enjoy the holiday food? In less time than it takes to dredge a forkful of turkey through gravy I can answer that question myself with a I DO.  

Tomorrow is a holiday, Happy Thanksgiving in advance. We will be entertaining family and serving a very traditional Thanksgiving spread. I will say without reservation I am looking forward to the time with family and also the food that will surround us like a coyote would surround a helpless rabbit. Bring it on I say!

Getting healthy, I say bring that on too. And I've been bringing it since April. Is getting healthy hard work? Absolutely! Is it difficult? To a degree it is especially when getting started and sifting through the mazes of how to do it.

We are humans, so it is natural that we make most everything we do more difficult than it really is. On holidays, we can really make a twist out of enjoying the day while staying healthy. I have done it as recently as this past Independence Day and Easter. Fretting over the menu or the buffet that would be there that day; spending the day doing a careful tip toe through the maze of food before me.

I am not, NOT, doing that tomorrow or ever again. I am not making holiday's difficult anymore because they shouldn't be. Simply, what we do everyday is what we should do holidays. Sure, the food on a holiday is different in that it is more tempting. But our approach to the food that day should be no different than any other day. Practice the same good sense where portion size and nutrient balance is concerned. Don't make it any harder than that.

Enjoy whatever food it is that is part of your holiday within the same guidelines you'll apply to your food today, and the day after the holiday.

By the way, what is going to be on your holiday table?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 220 - Flexing It Together

This month I have been incorporating flexibility exercises into my exercise routine. I hesitate to use the word routine as I am not a big fan of routines in general. But as I am exercising regularly and trying to do a certain amount of specific exercises each week, well, perhaps I am on my way to warming up to routines.

What I am looking for is a set of flexibility or stretching exercises, call it a program,  which I can do once a week as my primary workout for that day. Then I'd like to be able to use some from that same set as warm up/cool down exercises before/after hitting the cardio or strength training on other days. Realistic? I would have thought so but thus far I have not come across good program for flexibility training. There are a zillion sites out there with such exercises but I've yet to find a flex program I am comfortable with. And it well could be that I am just not where I need to be physically yet to feel comfortable doing the exercises. Yeah, I sound so confused I am sure with this post.

The best I have come up with thus far are the charts you see in this post. The chart at the top is very basic and I see it as decent for the warm up/cool down want that I have.

Below is a chart that focuses on stretching the back, a good thing. They look simple but looks can be deceiving...

Between those two charts I think I have the basics and the back well accounted for. For whatever reason the program I am trying to find seemed to need more so a hundred or so more mouse clicks and I found this comprehensive chart below. The problem with it is I cannot view the text since it is an image associated with a product for sale. I can see the images well enough to get a handle on the moves themselves which is good, but I'd really like to read that text. But for $285, regardless the currency, that text will remain a mystery forever...
 So I am getting on with what I have come up with so far. Reality is I just may need to crack open the wallet and go buy a good book on the topic. But if finding a 'good book' is as challenging as finding good references on the net, then I may be in for a long day at the book store.

How about you; do you do any flexibility exercises as a matter of routine? Or do you just do a few basic stretches and get on with it?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 219 - Stairway to Heaven

Good morning, hope all had a great weekend. Welcome to a new week. A short work week for most of us. Perhaps some even are off of work entirely this week.

Our hunt this weekend was productive. As soon as I hit the publish button on this post I am off to take our deer to the processor. But the hunt was productive not just from a harvesting sense. Oh no, it had some serious exercise benefits too. Oh, and an NSV.

The land we own is basically farm land cut out of a forested hillside and hilltop. So each day we hunt I get in easily 3 miles of walking and generally 1/2 of that is uphill. Do the math, the other half is downhill. The deer stand I typically use is a crudely built tower stand out of scrap lumber. It sits 30 feet off the ground and access to it is via climbing straight up one side of it it over a ladder of 2x4's nailed into one side. Hey, we inherited it with the land, nobody I know would ever come up with such a crazy and dangerous design. But this stand is in a prime harvesting spot so I use it often.

My point, for a big boy like me, it is a serious workout to get up into this thing. And down from it. Saturday evening after getting up and down from it four times I was sore. The next morning I was sore sore sore. So sore that on Sunday I actually opted out of going up there. I know, lame on my part.

Because of this fact, I have renamed it the "Stairway to Heaven". Actually for two reasons. The first is I meant it when I said it is dangerous. One slip, wrong hand placement, and down you will go and off to heaven you will certainly go. The second is it reminds me of a USMC boot camp obstacle on a course called the confidence course which is named the Stairway to Heaven. Here is a picture of the obstacle for perspective...
As for the NSV I mentioned, I discovered I can sit Indian-style with my legs crossed. I don't think I have done that since when I was back in boot camp. I was shocked when I realized what I was doing. While walking the property to check in on the kids I stopped in on Andrew who was sitting on the hillside on a leveled out spot of dirt and rock that overlooks a fairly open field. We just discovered this location in October and have not had time to improve it and put a ground blind in, agenda item for next spring. So while sitting there and whispering I did so legs crossed. Huh, look at me Mom!

Ok, I need to get scootin and get off to the processor and then to work. If you are interested in more about our weekend of hunting you can go to my hunting blog. Warning, do not go there if you are bothered by photos of harvested wild game. Otherwise, stop on by and enjoy via this link HERE.

Have a great day, what did you do this past weekend!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 218 - Joke Smile Repeat

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without at least one shout out. This week I want to share from Kerri of katdoesdiets her current youtube giveaway.
Cool giveaway for anyone looking for some ab help.

Our hunt continues today. Look forward to getting back home Monday and sharing a few thoughts of our weekend. Until then, let the fun of a few simple jokes to give you cause to smile before you move on. The picture up above did it for me recently...

>>> + <<<

A hunter was serving venison to his family.
Knowing that they would not knowingly eat deer meat he refused to tell them what they were eating.
He only said, "We're eating what your mother sometimes calls me."
The kids spit the meat out and started screaming "Yuck! We're eating asshole!"

>>> + <<<

Classic bumper sticker found on a hunter's pick up truck:
If a man is alone in the forest,
and there are no women around,
is he still wrong?

>>> + <<<

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 217 - Saturday Food Funnies

Hello hello hello... The boys and I are out hunting this weekend. Keeping it short and fun today. Doing that by sharing some fun food pics my daughters boy friend shared with us recently. No idea who is the author, whoever it is has some mad knife skills.

Um, have any Bread handy?

Melon having a nightmare?

What do you know; Tomatoes wear classes while herding?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 216 - Attitude Change Charge

When I was a young adult I didn't have an appreciation for attitude and it's role in success. After a trio of decades I began to acknowledge how a positive and aggressive attitude could make the difference in the results in teams at work. Applying the right attitude injects ability into that which is worth doing.

For me, experience was needed for that realization to emerge. In my fourth decade I discovered the application of attitude also works at home. An attitude of respect and appreciation applied at home launches our contribution to each other and emboldens our courage to overcome the trials of marriage and family.

In my fifth decade I now understand, finally, that it is attitude more than anything which I can leverage to become better as a person. Finally, I get it. Attitude has been the key to every professional and relationship success I have enjoyed. Attitude is what will see me succeed in my personal mission. Attitude more so than the technique I apply my mission; more so than action plan I adopt, more so than the knowledge I summon to my cause; Attitude when embraced changes impossible into inevitable.

Embrace your Attitude.
Enable desired Change.
Enjoy being in Charge.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 215 - Getting Goofy Questions

Having lost some weight I get the joy of chatting about weight loss with people. Some want to know what I am doing, I am always willing to share; eating smarter and moving smarter. Others want to know my thoughts on what they themselves are doing; lord help them for asking my opinion. And some want to just argue, as long as they can take what they dish out; bring it on.

Along the way I have been asked some really goofy questions. Goofy meaning some are just silly, some are just asked in poor context they almost make no sense, and some are a blending of obvious and obnoxious. I thought you may enjoy pondering them just as I have. You may even choose to answer them, I can't say I always dignified each one with an answer when I was asked; but since I am tossing these out to all of you I shall at least comment on each if not answer just for you.

Q: How fast can you lose weight?
A: Um, honestly, instantly if need be; a quarter-pound drop is usually a trip to the bathroom away.

Q: How do you lose weight after pregnancy?
A: I have lost weight, not given birth; the difference should be fairly easy to see on a male I think.

Q: How are you going to lose your final 10 pounds?
A: A legitimate question, but I was asked after I made it known I have another 60 pounds I want to lose. I am just focused on the next 2 pounds, the next 10 at most has my attention. Those last 10 pounds, I don't know; Ex-lax muffins and coffee maybe?

Q: What would you estimate your current weight to be?
A: OK, seriously, I do work with allot of very smart people; so I can't explain how this actually rolled off someones lips. I replied, "The same as I did tomorrow". 

Q: How can you look thinner faster than you actually lose weight?
A: Oh lord, that's an easy one. But we all have to learn it from the master himself, Thornton Melon. If you don't know what I mean, rent Back To School, watch and you will be enlightened.

Q: Can you share some weight loss success stories?
A: Well, if you don't like my story currently in progress, sure. Go to and scan my blog roll.
I answered this question with that answer twice. Just last week the last person to ask was too impatient to do as suggested and asked for links to some of the better ones. Being the nice guy that I am, I shared these five. I don't like to pick favorites, I don't mean to because I am grateful for each and everyone of you I interact with. But in trying to help with this slightly goofy request I chose these five. They are currently in various stages of their own journeys to shed obesity once and for all and they intensely grab my attention...

Have you been asked any really goofy questions?
Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 214 - Feeling Great Because

From R2D2's wife to a variety of lamp switches, as always no shortage of creative guesses at our picture riddle. Ann of Ann Is Livin' Large No More gave us two guesses, Her first was a "chrome-plated under-desk-mounted bourbon dispenser", which falls into the category of 'how cool would that be to have'. Her second was a "Liquid Soap Dispenser" which was correct. Well done!

There you see it, a Liquid Soap Dispenser. I took that picture last week while at my annual visit with my oncologist. It has been a bit more than nine years since I kicked the beast off me, or out of me if you prefer. This annual is an extension of my annual physical with my primary care doc with the added bonus of extra blood work up and extra poking & prodding. All in all very routine from year to year. However this visit comes after this summers brief dance with melanoma. He was surprised to hear that the spot on my my cheek he labeled 'nothing to worry about' a year ago was later diagnosed as as melanoma in situ. I could tell he was bothered by this, and maybe he should be. I chose not to make much hay out of it as the good news is it has been removed and I am feeling great.

How about you, are you feeling GREAT today?
If YES, why?
If NOT, why?

I am feeling great because I am healthier today than I was yesterday.
Because I am way more healthier than I was on April 17th of this year.
Because I have a gorgeous wife who I love dearly and kids that haven't worn me out yet.
Because I know how to be healthy and know I can do it.
Because I believe the Chicago Blackhawks are going to break out of their funk soon.
Because I look forward to exercising which is something I never thought would happen.
Because I get to go deer hunting this weekend.
Because I have come to know so many cool people through blogging my way to a healthier me.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 213 - Guess, Sweat n Bacon

Guess if you dare, or not. But today is picture riddle day. Some riddles are easy, some not so much, what about this one? Have fun! I'll get you the answer tomorrow, or maybe earlier.

Quick re-shout out for Kelly with this post which shows pictures of some of those who participated in her 5k this past Sunday. Lotsa sweatn going on there, take a look.

After I got back home from my 5k on Sunday I spent a few minutes catching my breath. Then it was off to get breakfast in as I was starving. My wife & daughter jumped in and whipped up some french toast for everyone...

And not just any french toast but creme brulee french toast. Stuff is awesome, but oh so not good for you. I ate a slice and felt guilty about it for most of the day. I was in the kitchen cooking too. With my sons help we got busy cooking up the venison bacon...
before cooking

after cooking
On Saturday my son & I went & picked up the venison we had processed from our October hunts. Here is what 97 pounds of venison bacon and 48 pounds of venison snack stix looks like...

Ok, now that I am all hungry for venison, I am going to eat my apple now. No venison on the menu today. I have the days eats planned out. Something I figured I needed to do a better job at to shore up my efforts here. So simple breakfast planned, fruit for snacks, lunch shall be a visit to the office cafe salad bar and tonight is pasta night w/ veggies. Will have to be careful at dinner, more veggies than pasta.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Responsibility 199, Gotta Do It!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 212 - Judging My SEE

Today is day-1 of today's mission to be healthier, tomorrow will be day-1 of tomorrow's mission. That is what I posted to twitter this morning. It is true as cheese tastes better than chalk. Success yesterday doesn't bring with it a guarantee of success today. Yesterday's success does provide reason to believe you can succeed today, but not a guarantee.

In kicking off today's mission I am looking to the word judgement. This morning I sit here reflecting and judging myself, specifically my success over the past few weeks. Yes, I have made progress; but not at the pace I desire. In my reflection I believe that I can and should expect to achieve at my desired pace. The reasons I have not come from honest judgement of my actions.

In weighing the facts of my actions I honestly cannot find issue with exercise, I am getting that done. The bottom line is that my eating remain inconsistent. I write this at the risk of sounding like a broken KC and the Sunshine Band record; awful broken or not but terribly annoying to listen to broken as it skips the same line over and over.

It does no good to judge through the facts, and then not decide on a solution. And I have that, I stated it two weeks ago when the month started and I scripted how I will SEE November. In judging myself here I struck-through the lines on my plan where I have not executed consistently. I need to look no further than them for reason and solution. Here is that plan...

Set for November if a goal to Weigh-In on Nov. 30th (a special Tuesday w/i for me) at 249.5 or less. My scale reads in tenths, but I record in 1/2 pound increments and I round the tenths up to the next 1/2, so 249.6 will not cut it, 249.5 it must be.

Establish a plan could be as easy as just doing what I have been, here is my plan...
  1. No Fast Food, Candy, or similar food as poor in quality
  2. Exercise 5x week; 2x Cardio & 2x Strength & 1 Flexibility Workout (that will be new for me)
  3. Drink 2 liters, or more, of water a day
  4. Participate in #NovGTD, log my miles and tweet it up each day
  5. Calorie intake will be no more that 2000 calories and carb controlled
  6. Avoid inducing fasting response, eat 6x a day; 3meals and 3 snacks
  7. Eat breakfast at home to avoid skipping it
  8. Take fruit to work for snacks to avoid grabbing poor quality snacks at the office coffee shop
  9. Every other lunch at work will be a visit to the salad bar which is a treat since it is a good one
  10. Plan out evening meals to avoid creating last minute high-calorie dinners of convenience
Execute the plan.

I do not need a new plan.
I do not need to reinvent how to get healthy.
I do need to execute the plan I have.
I do need to remember that I know how to do this and I believe that I can achieve my goals at I desire pace.

Today is day-1 of today's mission to be healthier...

What is your plan for today?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 211 - 53% Progress & 5K

Today's challenge was inspired by Kelly who I shouted out yesterday and invited others to join in as well. Her cause is a fine one, Kelly is running in a local 5K today to benefit and raise awareness for prostate cancer; which her father is battling.

There being no organized 5k's in my general area this day, I did it solo in the neighborhood on a course I have mapped out at 3.25 miles which is 5.23 K. I did mine as walk/jog combo, I jogged 1 of those miles in multiple segments from 1/8 to 1/4 of a mile. I did this in 46:25 minutes. Kelly asked for pictures of us sweating during our 5K's, well I sweat but not much. It was 37F out and windy, so wind chill below freezing. I sweat in nooks & crevices but will spare her & you those photos. Here is a trio of pics for her however; a before, during & after...
BEFORE taking off, brrr
DURING, right after the 1/2 way turn

AFTER, whew, outta my way - time to get inside!

Today I again register a mark of 53% pounds lost.
All totaled 64.5 pounds remains the amount I have lost in the past thirty weeks, 0 of those this past week.
Today I again weighed in at 255.5 pounds.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 210 - Quick Free Form

On the road this morning, busy day planned. Don't expect to be at PC until later this afternoon. I prefer to post my daily words in the early a.m. if I can. So I am typing this out on my blackberry while my son drives. I'll just free form some random thoughts here...

The picture there is one of my trio for my official 50% loss. I plan to get them up to my MY PROGRESS PICS page this weekend...

Exercised when I woke up this morning. Did my flexibility routine before knocking out 5 sets each of push & sit ups. I am hopeful to fit in a session on the home gym w/ my son later this afternoon or evening...

Tomorrow I plan to walk, maybe walk/jog combo, 3.1 miles for Kelly, ... Hopefully a family member or two will join me too. A month or so back she put out a call for a 5K challenge to Jack Sh¤t for this Sunday. She also invited others to get in 5k where ever they can & the post pictures post-5K in all of our sweat covered glory. Visit her blog if you have never & join us if you can...

Eating yesterday was good, not great again, but good. Today it will be great!

Gotta run.

Responsibility 199, Gotta Do It!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 209 - Simply, Got Purpose?

Back to health blogging after a two day break. These past two days I dedicated my thoughts to the USMC Birthday and Veterans Day respectively. While I am all about the "Me First" philosophy to being healthy and being our best in general, on days such as those I simply insist on placing less attention to me and more thought to them.

This week thus far has been a good one for exercise. Not great, but good. Have put in a couple of cardio sessions and one on the weights. For whatever reason I feel my weight sessions lately are lacking fire. The exception being the one at the YMCA this past Sunday. It simply could be I am bored with what I have been doing and need to shake it up not just a little but a good deal.

This week thus far has been another saga of inconsistency with the diet. Overall I have eaten good, but not great. My guard is not as high as it needs to be at present as I have been more open to temptation than I should. Saying that is simply frustrating because I am a simple guy, and discipline should be simple. Temptations are not good for you and thus should not be had; there for do just that and do not give in to them. A majority of the time I am A-Ok with that simplicity. But why not 99% of the time?

Note I purposely meant 99%, not 100%. No human can be 100% consistent with healthy eating day in and day out for a lifetime. And we ought not feel we need to be or try to be... 99% yes, 100% no; simply that's my opinion.

Therefore I repeat, why not 99% of the time? Something to ponder...

In quickly pondering this my mind quickly picks up on the word 'purpose'. Simply (I am 99% committed to over using that word today), simply what purpose does doing this serve? No, I am not asking what is the purpose behind my mission to get healthy. Rather, what is the purpose for doing what I am considering doing right now?

I believe in times of inconsistency that I am not asking myself that question, or any similar question, before I commit to action. Nope, just doing what is there to be done, whether it serves a purpose worth serving or not. So, the real challenge for me is not the act itself of eating something I shouldn't, or too much of a good thing, etc... rather the challenge is to simply check myself before I act. Simply before eating this or that ask myself "What purpose does eating this serve and is that purpose worthy to me."

Oh, the picture above. I have no picture at all that goes with the text of this post. Usually I do, today not at all. When such a predicament occurs, the only proper action is to simply post a cat picture.

I hope you enjoy this picture of Zinger as much as you enjoy your Friday!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 208 - Veterans Day Message

On this Veterans Day I encourage all to take time to remember the service of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. Their service over these many generations has made America's Armed Forces the greatest force ever. From their willingness to answer America's calls to action, from their determination to succeed in every endeavor, from their unequalled courage and commitment to the American way; their character has lead the they way for these United States to become the greatest nation on earth.

America's Armed Forces have defended the liberties our nations founders made possible. In peace time and time of war, whatever the cost asked of them, America's Armed Forces have lead the way. Our nation's most critical moments in history have been influenced, and most often defined, by those in the service of America's Armed Forces. From the "shot heard 'round the world" at Lexington to our present day engagements abroad and at home, America's Armed Forces have engaged those who would threaten freedom and liberty, ours and of those throughout the world, and preserved these great and unalienable rights. 

This day join me in honoring all of America's Armed Forces veterans who have served honorably. Without their service the United States we enjoy today would not have been possible. Without the service from the men & women of today's American Armed Forces the United States cannot continue to stand in the greatness which it has been blessed with.

God bless our America's Armed Forces Veterans and the United States of America.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 207 - USMC BDay 235

Private 'Me', USMC, 1983

Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Marines.
Today we celebrate the 235th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

I leave you with this video from our Corps' Commandant and Sergeant Major. They do a wonderful job delivering this years birthday message around a tribute to the Marines who fought & endured the brutal frozen Chosin Reservoir Campaign in Korea 60 years ago this month. I've had the pleasure of a close friend since high school whose father is a Marine Korean War Veteran and have been blessed to hear his stories.

Enjoy the video and to all my brothers & sisters, Oorah!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 206 - Full Swing Pride

Fruit Count: 221 - And we have reached 199 and beyond in 6 days. Thanks to everyone who helped in celebrating my 199 days of blogging. Special shout out to Lanie for the idea of a fruit challenge and as well to Mandy for being the lead fruit warrior here. Mandy ate "nine" pieces on Monday to help put this over the top. If I were to give out a trophy for the challenge it would look like that. Then again, after eating as much fruit as she has, Mandy may prefer to not receive such a trophy. This was fun, good stuff.

You were all too kind for not busting on me more for yesterday's fruit picture. When I took it, posted it and went on with my day I truly had no idea what I had done. But some of you were quick to notice my odd 'arrangement' of that fruit, including my wife who texted me asking what I was doing. Oh the jokes that could have come from that.

I have been tagged again, this time from How I Am Losing It. She asked some profound questions, needed to give these some thought. That now done, here are my answers to her questions:

1. What is/was your proudest moment?
The usual answers here are the birth of a child, or a wedding, etc... and those certainly are proud moments. But I shall answer with one that is more specific to a real turning point in my life.

Whats-his-name was on 2nd base, I forget his name yet I do remember not liking him very much. Even though he had run out a single into a double he name may as well have been Mud. Up to bat was yours truly, and I had to go to the bathroom; bad! On deck was the big kid who was hitting like .875, surely he would knock in Mud. Swinging at the first pitch, running to 1st and then to the bathroom was the plan.

That first pitch came inside right at my chest dropping hard to the dirt. Missed me by a whisker of which I had none. A quick check of my crotch, whew; I amazingly didn't wet myself. Looking back at the pitcher as I got up with a "WTH" stare, he waved in apology, fine; he was off the hook.

What wasn't fine was the schmuck whose name I forget on 2d base, he was laughing at me in a way that could not be ignored. Change of plans. Next pitch, it was getting knocked as close to him as I could get it. The next pitch was right down the middle, the pitcher being cautious not to dust me again.

I had to go to the bathroom so bad I couldn't swing at full speed and keep from wettin myself. Thus the bat vibrated worse that usual upon impact. Wow, the ball flew right at the Mud, sailing over his head by about a foot. It kept on sailing too, finally stopping when it smacked into the left-centerfield fence.

I stopped at 2d base folded over in pain, I had never had to go so bad in all of my 12 years. As I gingerly stood up I first saw the other teams pitcher walking off the field and then saw my entire team rushing out towards me. It was the bottom of the 7th (and final) inning. The game had been tied. The loser was done for the season. The winner moved on to a one-game playoff. We had just won the game. All I could do was stand there, get mobbed by my team, and pee my pants.

2. If you could pick any profession whatsoever, what would you be?
Race car driver. What can I say, I am a guy.

3. What's the best advice you never took?
Never take time off from school once you start. It took me 19 years to complete my bachelors.

4. If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?
I'd have taken a full swing and knocked that picth it over the fence. Never leave anything on the table no matter how bad you have to go to the bathroom.

I will come up with 4 names and questions to tag back tomorrow.

Gotta run - have a great day!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 205 - Fruit To Battleship

Fruit Count: 172 - Through the weekend we have collectively enjoyed 172 pieces of fruit over the the past five days. Mandy continues to be our lead fruit challenger, she knocked down 7 again on Saturday and 8 pieces on Sunday! Can we get to our goal of 199 by the end of day today, or at latest Tuesday; making it a clean week to get this fruit challenge done? Lets make a go at it, pick, pack and munch some winning fruit and shout out how many pieces you eat today!

Today's post will be a picture based affair to get the week off to an easy start. The pic of the fruit there, those are the three pieces I am taking to work today. Those will be eaten for sure, likely another piece or two will find their way in my belly by bed time as well.

This past Saturday I went to the Rollins Savanna for my cardio walk. I had not been there since July. Great place to walk, very well maintained preserve. Chilly morning, lower 40's. Thus I was dressed for the chill, but I cannot be accused of putting any effort into color coordination of this ensemble...

Along the way I realized I had company, my shadow. Keeping pace with me step for step. Hhmmm, can I log double miles for my November Go The Distance challenge?

No, I didn't finish as neat & clean looking as I started, but I did finish the 3.6 mile walk. After 54:49 minutes I completed what I had began. A PR by nearly 3-1/2 minutes better than my walk here. Water, I needed water.

Did you get in any cardio this weekend?

When I home I wasted no time getting some food ready. I was hungry! And here was my meal of choice for lunch; A broiled 'Spicy Chicken Breast' over a medley of peppered veggies. Spicy, simple and filling...

Do you like it spicy?

Sunday my wife and I hung out. First stop for us in the morning was a visit to the YMCA where she is a member. She is a swimmer and gets her cardio in via the water when she can. I decided to go with er using a guest pass. I gave their weight room the once over and had a great time. So many more options there than on my home gym. We noodle the idea of converting her individual membership into a family membership,and we might. The only reason we have not is location, this place is near where she works which is nowhere near where I work. So I am having issues justifying the added cost when I would likely just use it on weekends. Maybe...

Where do you workout?

These next two pics I lifted from a friends facebook page. Any Star Wars fans out there? If you are this is good for a laugh. My kids messed with Mentos & Coke when they were younger, this certainly looks like something they would have cooked up for fun...

Have you ever mixed Mentos & Coke?

Now this one doesn't need much commentary from me. Simply said, times have come along way...

Has anyone ever purposely smiled while washing dishes?
- - -
Have a great Monday!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 204 - 53% Progress

So how was everyone's week? Fulfilling and fun I hope. The week was a good one for me. Weekend is good too. My wife & I were out and about this morning and will soon be back out for more. Good times, so I have very little time to get this post out, but out it will go.

My Sunday shout out this weekend goes to Teresa over at Today Is A Good Day To Diet, she had a birthday this week. In her birthday post she included a 'Call to Action' for her coming year. The entire post is beautiful; lost weight, gained it back, acceptance, and gratefulness; just a very well written self-reflection. The icing on this cake for me was her 'Call to Action', just read it and I think you will feel as I was; moved and inspired.

My week was a much better display of consistency. Funny however that the previous inconsistent week brought me slightly greater loss than this past week. The human body is a funny device at times. Yes, funny. I could easily replace the word funny with frustrating in those sentences. But nope, no way. I continue to make progress and I refuse to find any frustration in progress of any kind. Sure, I'd love to see a slightly faster pace, just a tad; but patience will do as much to see me to my goal as effort.

Today I register a mark of 53% pounds lost.
All totaled 64.5 pounds has been lost in the past twenty-nine weeks, 1 of those this past week.
Today I weighed in at 255.5 pounds.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 203 - Candy Go Away

Fruit Count: 129 - We have collectively eaten 121 pieces of fruit the past three days. Mandy and Lanie are leading the way having eaten 7 & 6 pieces respectively yesterday alone. Our goal of 199 is being reeled in slow and steady, excellent. Keeping reeling it in folks; in, chew swallow and shout out how many pieces you eat today!

Here you go, here's some candy! I got candy... come on, you know you want some. Ugh, wrong. Bags of candy like this popped up all over the office last week. Parents bringing in leftover halloween candy they didn't give out, or, the candy their kids brought home just to get it out of the house. A brilliant idea really, and one that works as people of all shapes, heights, colors and smells flock to these bags and empty them in no time flat. Hopefully next week this phenomenon will abate.

There is my caloric intake for Friday. Liking those percentages much better than earlier in the week. The total calories consumed are lower than desired, especially for an exercise day. And I had an hour'ish before bed of noticeable hunger. Usually when I hunger, I eat. But this time I chose to just accept that hunger in fear that if I went for a final snack to quench it I may over indulge. Not sure why I felt unsure of myself, but I'm glad I recognized it and made a decision versus ignoring it all and just diving into a vat of ice cream. Accepting hunger is definitely not a behavior I can embrace for a lifetime, that I understand.

Exercise, as I said I got that in. Put in a 2.25 mile walk after work on a crisp 40F late afternoon. Chilly! Didn't time time the walk. I just set out  to get in the miles, and enjoy the peace while I ran down the battery on my ipod.

Saturday already... on the docket this morning is weight training and maybe some more cardio. Then later this afternoon/evening a great date is planned with my wife. We'll be going to the rifle range and then out to dinner and perhaps a movie. Looking forward to it!

What does Saturday have in store for you?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 202 - Tagged With Enthusiasm

Going to keep it brief and fun today...

Fruit Count: 103 - We have collectively eaten 100 pieces of fruit the past three days. Just past /2-way to our goal of 199 now. More putting of fruit into our mouths people, let it drip all down your chin & arms; eat fruit with passion and shout out how many pieces you eat today!

Dr. Fat To Fit tagged me the other day with four questions. I am to answer them and then ask 4 others a different set of questions. I love a good game, so with Enthusiasm; my word for today; here we go... Here are her questions for me:

1) If you could be any animal, what would you choose?
Eagle - An amazing combination of grace & power that I can't imagine possessing. And the ability to fly - schwwinnngggg!

2) Name 1 thing you would NOT do, even if I payed you a million bucks?
Dishonor my marriage vows. they say everything has a price, but that is my exception that rule.

3) Name one big news event that made an impact on you other than 9/11. Why and How did it impact you?
Nixon's resignation. I was only 9 years old, but that event opened a young mind to not just the theatre that is politics, but more so to the wonder that is history. I am a political junky (though I won't talk it on my blog) and a history addict. I can trace that addiction back to Nixon.

4) Where did you go or would you like to go on your honeymoon?
Walt Disney World, my wife is addicted to WDW. We also went there for our 10th anniversary. And a few other times in between and since. Getting the picture?

Here are my 4 lucky bloggers...

Please answer these here or on your blog and and then ask 4 others a different set of questions.

and their questions...
1- You are banished to a small island with seeds to grow one veggie, that's all you get to eat for eternity, which veggy do you choose?
2- Farthest distance at one time you have ever walked/jogged/ran/biked, etc. under your own power?
3- Do you consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, lucky, or neither?
4- What was the last furry thing you touched? And did you eat it?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 201 - My Endurance Video

Fruit Count: 73 - We have collectively eaten 73 pieces of fruit the past two days. Nearing 1/2-way to our goal of 199. Let's keep eating fruit people, it's good food for you; shout out how many pieces you eat today!

Our picture riddle was a good one if I may say so. Anne our Carb Tripper came right out of the gate with a great guess; a ceramic cow moo moo pitcher that pours cream. Now I have seen such a thing, and not just pouring cream. I wish I had one (Ok not really, don't add that to my list for Santa please) for if I had that would've made a great pic-riddle.

Dawn of Fixing Myself Thinner was first to touch on what it is with her guess of 'plastic horse toy or something'. Ann who is Livin' Large immediately followed up with her guess of  'a chess piece'. Then not long after that yet another Anne, Anne of How I am Losing It finished off the completeness of our riddle with her guess of 'a Knight from a chess set'. As you see there, that is indeed what it is. Good Fun. Well done!

Yesterday I got in my second of two committed cardio sessions for this week. My son & I returned to Lake Andrea where I set a challenge for this visit of jogging 1 mile of it's 2.25 mile loop. Not 1 mile consciously, that would be nice, but I am not there yet. Previous visits I jogged .85 of a mile, so I was looking for a slight challenge up for me to make it a mile.

Different from those previous attempts as well was the length of the jogs. Before, most legs were .125 miles; now for this challenge I mapped out four .25 legs; thank you Google Earth. As well as actually completing those four .25 mile jogging legs without stopping (my primary challenge here) was the added challenge to try and complete the loop in less than 29:32, my previous best. Here is the course I mapped out...
Away we went and the skinny on our result is this...
  • The four .25 mile jogs: Achieved, all four loops jogged without stopping!
  • The loop time: We completed the loop in 29:46 minutes, oh so close but no PR (Personal Record) today.Oh Yeah!
Andrew ran ahead of me at the end of the loop & took a short video of me finishing. Enjoy at my expense ;-)
The heavy breathing you hear is him, the cold air tickled his asthma. The heavy dude in black coming towards you, that's me. As I neared the line & saw him shooting I let out what was supposed to be a laugh but instead sounded like a goat giving birth to a pregnant-moose; a moment to visualize... I also blurted out 'Enough' although I am not sure why. Probably glad the the end was achieved. I'll give myself an Oh Yeah!

Endurance, that is the word for the day. This trait to me speaks to the ability to overcome the stress and fatigue that can come with the effort needed to be better than obese over the span of a lifetime. Sure, it applies to smaller spans too, such as my Lake Andrea challenge there. I've had to build up my endurance to be able to do that. Six months ago, no way. Eating better and Exercising better allowed that to happen. Now six months from now, whether I just maintain what I have now or improve my ability to do better; either way I'll have to endure the effort needed to do so. If I stop putting in the effort, then my endurance recedes and I recede back towards greater obesity. That's not going to happen.

Quickly, this post is way too long already; but here is yesterday's food intake...
Note to self; the "Red Robin Fajita Fiesta Pollo Salad" that appeared to be healthy and which was my dinner actually accounted for 910 (F54, C57, P49) of those calories; ugh! I should've known better, and I do.

Give me your FRUIT and give me your latest OhYeah! moment!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!