Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 461 - Impromptu It Is

Hot is the theme of the week. There you see the temp when I left the office yesterday. Ugh is an appropriate response. Or, perhaps Ahh if you are the Heat Miser; just a subtle reference reminder that Christmas is just 5 months and a few days away.

Yesterday my son waived me off from hanging out with him so that he could continue with his summer school assignments. Smart move on his part. With my evening suddenly free, I called my gorgeous wife and we went on an impromptu date night. The rest of the kids were out and about and already knew they were on their own for dinner.

We met up for dinner and had a relaxing, casual time together. Afterwards since we each had a vehicle I made a stop off at the mall to get a battery for my watch. On my way out these two just happened to latch on to me to escape the mall...

My wife loved the "Send The Pig" scene from the Winnie The Pooh movie so much, I thought they were an appropriate impromptu gift.

What? You haven't seen the movie yet? Well you must at least watch this clip...

Now that should have you planning a trip to the theatre this weekend. Or maybe today? Just go see this movie already!

Tonight, C25K-W1D3 is the goal. Heat or no heat, this I can do.

Got a goal for today?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 460 - Kitty Kitty Shout Out

It is Wednesday, seems like a good day for some cat pictures, no?

Up top there you see Crush getting some scratching before dinner.
Below you see Crush & Zinger (w/ lazer-eyes) sitting oh so close to me as I eat my dinner...
My dinner was a delicious Jalapeno Bratwurst and Watermelon; no pictures of dinner.
Yes, I am on a Watermelon quest at the moment.

Before dinner I went for a 2.5 mile walk. No jogging of C25K was in order today. Just needed a good 45 minutes of walking to clear my head from the work day before dinner.

Today & tomorrow I'll be in training at work. Always grateful for training but never does training occur on a day where I feel I can just give up the tome for the day. As for exercise today it will be a day of rest. Tonight I will go see Andrew who is working through his last week of summer school. So there you have it, my day in a paragraph.

I mentioned work which jogged my memory of a photo I snapped the other day...
No, this is not my cubical.
I found it worthy of noting because of the over use if not abuse of sticky-notes.
Myself I dislike sticky notes, seldom use them, but I know some folks use them well.
This is not an example of using them well.

What is on your agenda today?

SHOUT OUT time... speaking of agenda, or plan; let me share with you a link to a fellow blogger who does a great job assessing her positive & negative actions of the day and laying out her plan for the next day. Give JW of Awake For The Dance - The Practice Of Mindful Living a read and enjoy!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 459 - Here Fishy Fishy

I know, I know; I showed you a picture of fish yesterday. But, those fish we did not eat, which is a shame I know. But this fish, this fish I did eat. And it was so good!

Up there you see it as I placed it on the grill. It rests on a cedar planked soaked in water & lemon juice. The fish, Steelhead Salmon, is seasoned with a fish seasoning I bought in Seattle (the fish I did not buy in Seattle), and crusted in Onion & Garlic Macadamia Nuts. The came from Hawaii and from this package to be specific...

Here is dinner after it came off the grill...
Before I closed the grill I tossed in a handful of apple wood chips while cooking to give it a lovely blast of sweet smokiness.

As good as it looked coming off the grill I must say it looked its best when I plated it...
Yes, I was in the mood for fruit with dinner. or maybe I was in the mood for sweetness without the bad news from the sweets in the candy counter or bakery aisle.

That dinner was a great way to cap off a great workout. After worked I got my youngest off the couch to join me for C25K-Week1/Day2. The 93F heat was definitely a challenge. A slight breeze tried to take some sting out of the heavy air but to little avail.

Cameron is a soccer player in high school so you would expect him to look at this workout as a walk in the park. But it was quite the opposite for him. He has become quite out of shape since the end of soccer season his freshman year. Even though he hit his final growth spurt over the past six-months, oh how we hope it is his final spurt; his appetite spurted as well and not with a desire for healthy eats.

Thus he struggled to make it through the 60 second jogging segments and his walking segments were quite slow. He knew it, and wasn't happy about it. Soccer tryouts are in a couple of weeks and the start of his sophomore year  five weeks away; yes summer break has begun its descent for landing.

Myself, I got through D2 much better than D1. A day of good eating and anticipation of the workout helped that progression occur. Later this week I will get Day3  in and conclude the trio of workouts that make up a week. Hopefully I can grab Cameron for another workout; doubt he shares that same hope.

Got any recent successful grilling experiences to share?
What about exercise experiences?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 457-458: In Heat Monday

Good weekend for me, hope yours was good as well. Some of my highlights...

As noted already my wife & I started our weekend with a date night & saw Winnie The Pooh movie which I have renamed appropriately The Eeyore Movie. Best line from the movie, "Send the Pig." -Roo

Did C25K-W1D1, felt great.

Brunch w/ Mom. Gave her a gift from Hawaii; Koa wood wine stoppers. She gave me my birthday gift; Bass Pro gift card which I'll use towards my hunting license; sweet!.

Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Should rename this film to "HP7, The Rise of Neville Longbottom". We went at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, my wife & I were the youngest in the theatre by at least 10 years, kind of funny.

Grilled a delicious Garlic-Dill Halibut fillet. OMG it was so good.

Went to see son play in a soccer camp, on way home we got some ice cream because y'day was national ice cream day; I went with pretzel-marshmallow ice cream! Thankfully it wasn't liverwurst day.

Listened to the world cup game on radio, what a let down that was. You are welcome Japan!

Wife downloaded all of the Hawaii pictures from the cameras. Up top there you see one of them, our deep sea fishing trip results; 2 mahi-mahi (left) and 3 skipjack tuna (right).

Monday is here & so is the heat wave. Bring it on I say, but please let the power stay on. Today we get to better ourselves in any & every way we choose. How cool is that?

For me that means doing C25K-W1D2 after work. Going to drag our youngest son with me, he jiggles more than he ought to.

What about you, at days end how will you be better than when you woke up?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 453-456: Lets Talk EEYORE, Shall We

This weekend sure seemed like it took a long long time to get here. Odd because I was so stinking busy with work and getting kids to and from places thsi week that I would have thought the week would have flown by. No doubt the power-outage we endured at the beginning of the week messed up our timing and left us playing catch up the rest of the week.

Our power came back on Tuesday afternoon. In all for us it was out for 30 hours. Total cost to me was $30-40 of dairy products, lunchmeat. No big deal. Some of that I probably could have saved but just to be safe I pitched it.

When I opened the freezers after the power resumed, they were still frozen solid. You really must avoid opening these during an outage. Let just a little warm air in there and the time to defrost drops faster than the weight of a recruit in boot camp. Get this... some 30,000 people not far from us, still do not have power! Thats 5days and an since the power went dark on them; yikes!

Since returning from Hawaii I have not been able to get my mind back into doing the things I need to do. Not sure why, guess I have mentally still been on vacation. Cardio particularly has not been something I've been able to get going again.

In effort to kick start my Cardio Caboose again I have decided to go through the nine-week C25K program. Even though much of it I can do when I get out there and do cardio, I feel right now I need some structured help to get back to where I want to be with my fitness. So this morning I went out there and did the first week one workout. If you don't know what C25K is, google it, I used this link.

The walk/jog combo ofthis workout felt good, and was just what I needed to be sure I accomplished a workout. So I will keep at this program until done if for no other reason to join the ranks of C25K veterans.

Lets talk EEYORE, shall we... last night was date night for my wife & I. A movie & dinner was on tap. A brief debate about which movie to go see took place. Allot of desire was there to go see Harry Potter 7 naturally. But since it was also opening day for Winnie The Pooh, or as I call it, The Eeyore Movie. The debate was short really, we wnt I saw Eeyore!

Eeyore also went to the mvoie with us. Up top you see him buckled in for the ride to the theatre. Since soda costs so much he brought his own to the show...

My wife wouldn't let him bring the pop into the theatre. Even worse, when we were watching the movie she took him from me and stuffed him in her purse! So he didn't even get to see the movie he starred in. I am thinking Academy Award for him by the way.

Have a great weekend; which you will if you go see the Eeyore Movie!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 451-452: Clean Butt Thanks To Lady Luck

Monday's colonoscopy was all good news. The best part of the news was the fact I do not need to go for another one for 3 years, thank you!!!

Lady Luck was with me in the morning as I was first up on the list for my colonoscopy Monday morning, a 7:30 a.m. appointment. It couldn't have been 7:35 a.m. when they were knocking me out. Good thing too as the power went out shortly after 8 a.m., just minutes after I began waking up, the procedure complete. Those who were there, all prepared and waiting for their turn, they had to wait until the power came back on. Sure the back up generators kicked in and the placed looked as if all was normal. But apparently they are not allowed to start non-emergency procedures while on back up generator power.

That was nearly 24 hours ago. At home, our power is still out. Oh I hope they were able to get the hospital's power back online yesterday morning so that those folks waiting for there colonoscopy could get it done. It would score very high on the Suck-O-Meter if you had to reschedule that appointment after starving the day before & flushing out the plumbing that night. Hence why Lady Luck was with me in the morning.

Since our power is still out, I think Lady Luck left me, left the county it seems, as soon as the storms moved into our county yesterday morning. The storm swept through the area swiftly but it's brief stay was enough time to deliver a potent hit. I am one of the nearly 1-million Chicagolander's who lost power right away. As of this minute about 350,000 are still without power including us.

Well, speaking of this minute; I am at work where it is cool, there is internet (hence the blog post), there are cold beverages... the kids however are at home where it is hot, there is no internet, there are angry cats, and no cold beverages. I suppose I should feel bad for them.

Last night we grilled out for dinner. Since I wouldn't allow anyone to open the refrigerator of freezers when the power went out, we had to either make do with what was in our pantry or find something at a store to grill. Earlier that day when I had my son out learning to drive I noticed that one of the grocery stores was open for business. They were selling what they could via generator power. We snapped up a package of frozen chicken breasts and Ho-Ho's. So we had grilled garlic-ginger chicken, seasoned corn (from a can), and Ho-Ho's (kids felt these would help them through the heat of the night).

After dinner the kids we besides themselves since there was no internet, no television, no xbox. I had an emergency radio on listening to the news, but that did nothing to entertain them. So we broke out some old-school entertainment and played Monopoly. As the day was turning to dusk light became an issue. But we fared well making use of flashlights.

For the record, Cameron kicked all of our butts, it wasn't even close.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 449-450: Bi-Annual Fun

Every other year I spend a Sunday starving all day and getting ready for Monday. This used to be an annual event. Not sure it will ever be less frequent than bi-annual, but one could hope. I used to dread this day but I've done this so many times over the past decade that while I certainly do not look forward to it I give it the same wrinkle of the nose and roll of the eyes as going to the dentist.

On Monday I'll wake up before dawn and head to the hospital where while most people are eating breakfast or commuting to work, I'll be participating in a big way in a colonoscopy. Somewhere around mid-morning it will all be done with. Then I'll have the rest of the day to clear my mind and body of the anesthesia and get something to eat. Hopefully come evening I'll get myself out for a walk.

This is all good really. The alternative would be to ignore the need for such preventative attention. A decade ago had I ignored the need for attention when something didn't seem right, I would have never experienced a colonoscopy and as a result likely wouldn't be here today to share my bi-annual fun with you.

However I've learned a number of times over, via my own experiences and those of others, that it is paramount to listen to your body and seek attention when something doesn't seem right. And just as important is to be get those check ups, tests and the like to prevent that which would cause you harm, or end you, if left to undetected.

While this may seem a bit gloomy of a post to wrap up what has been a fabulous weekend, it is in reality an affirmation of responsibility.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 448: Yep, Forty-Six Today

That would be a birthday cake being frosted, my birthday cake.
Ashley baked & frosted it and did a fine job.

With this being my 46th birthday I thought I'd share a list I keep of my life's Hi/Lo-lights. Just a simple bullet-style list which doesn't do much justice in capturing all I've done, seen, etc., but it does sketch out the borders of my life. To know the detail of what is colored within the borders you'd need to ask me.

1965 Born in July in Chicago, IL on a beautiful 85F day

1966 I was the center of attention until NBC announced that all of its programming will air in full-color going forward

1967 This year was doomed right away when in Super Bowl 1 the Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs

1968 End of any dreams I had of being an only-child; Kimberly Lynn is born on a windy 69F day in Chicago, IL

1969 Was not happy my mom did not allow me to attend the 3 Days of Peace & Music at Woodstock

1970-71 Attend Ravenswood Elementary - Chicago, IL, Kindergarten - 1st grades

1972-76 Attend DeWitt Clinton Elementary - Chicago, IL, 2nd - 6th grades

1977 Attend Jamieson Elementary - Chicago, IL; Parents (Kristine M. & John R.) Divorce

1978 Mother marries Patrick D. Kille

1979 Graduate 8th grade from Jamieson Elementary; attend Mather H.S. - Chicago, IL 1st semester Freshman year

1980 Attend Libertyville H.S. - Libertyville, IL, watch the US Hockey victory over Russia at Bills Pub (Mundelein, IL)

1981 First Job: Golden Bear Restaurant, Libertyville, IL (Dishwasher)

1982 Fishing trips to Hayward, WI with Tim Cook, Shawn Cook, Bob Anderson, Jim Benes and others were unreal. Second Job: K-Mart, Mundelein, IL (Stock Boy); Joined USMC under delayed-entry program

1983 Graduated H.S., Libertyville, IL.; USMC: Graduated Boot Camp, San Diego, CA. 3rd Battalion, Kilo Company, Platoon 3103

1984 USMC: Twenty Nine Palms, CA (Completed training for MOS 2811, Telephone/Teletype Technician)

1984-85 USMC: Quantico, VA (Communications Maintenance at The Basic School)

1985-86 USMC: Okinawa & Camp Fuji, Japan (ELMACO & CSSD-32 respectively); mom sent me vhs tapes of every Bears game. Vacationed in South Korea

1986-87 USMC: Camp Pendleton, CA. (ELMACO), was still in Okinawa for the superbowl which I saw live in the wee-hours of the morning. Sitting in the chow-hall eating breakfast when the news broke of the Challenger disaster

1987 USMC: Honorably Discharged. Moved to Fallborook, CA briefly believing I would stay and live in CA, but then reality (lack of cash) hit and I moved home to Vernon Hills, IL

1988 Moved to Carbondale, IL to attend SIU oh-so briefly. Moved back to Vernon Hills, IL and held a number of small jobs while contemplating life while playing a lot of golf

1989 Moved to Beach Park, IL. Attended DeVry University (for 2 yrs.), Chicago, IL

1990 I recall eating a lot this year, probably while spending all that time on the couch watching the Gulf War unfold on CNN. Considered re-entering USMC, but chose to hear the call of love over the call of duty - if I only I'd had a crystal ball for just a few moments

1991 Went to work for Moore Corporation (Bindery, then Desktop Publishing). Married Patricia Ann DuBois & became step-father to Ashley Marie Flament. Moved to Park City, IL

1992 Separated from wife for a month or so; yeah I know - some of you told me this was inevitable. Accepted promotions at Moore which saw me switch from blue-collar to white-collar

1993 Birth of Son; Andrew Jordan Ray O'Neal

1994 Moved to Winthrop Harbor, IL, bought first home. Great Grandmother ("Bella") passes away at 92

1995 Took a few 'get-away-from-my-wife' trips; what a mess of a year!

1996 Grandmother (Alma R.) passes away at 75, traveled the country for Moore Corp. which helped get my mind off my marriage mess

1997 I don't know, recall staring at the Hale-Bopp comet. Bought my first 'new' ride, a SUV (Chevy Blazer). Otherwise '97 was just more marriage mess aggravated by worthless attempts at counseling and pretending to want to be there

1998 Divorced. Moved to Vernon Hills, IL. Last year in printing operations before moving to the information systems at Moore for a career change from manufacturing into technology (or back to technology which is what I joined USMC to learn)

1999 Married Catherine Lynn Krause & became step-father to Ashley Victoria, Ryan Christopher & Cameron Michael Flores and a cat named Cody

2000 Bought a house & moved to Grayslake, IL. Hung on at Moore as the company began imploding on it's own lack of vision and ability to change

2001 Went to work for W.W. Grainger as an application developer. Was in line awaiting my omelet at Grainger cafeteria when 9-11 went down. Diagnosed with Colon Caner, kicked its ass; ME 1 - Cancer 0

2002 Joined classmates dot com (can you believe facebook removed it when I used a real 'dot') looking for old buddies and found a few but didn't find James Dean Lewis from the Corps. Realized Grayslake sucks as a community to live in

2003 Father passes away at age 65. Had a house built & moved near Fox Lake, IL

2004 Step-Father passes away ay age 69. Wife and I celebrated 5th anniversary; Yeah - I got this one right!

2005 Went back to DeVry to complete those final classes needed for that B.S., Ashley Marie graduates from Zion-Benton High

2006 Started the year watching the Steelers win the Super Bowl with the Cook Clan and ended the year watching Saddam Hussein swing. Changes at Grainger saw me move from the application development management to project management

2007 Said goodbye to Keith Runnfeldt; you left us way too young friend. Graduated, finally, B.S. Technical Management from DeVry University. Ashley Victoria graduates 8th grade from Big Hollow

2008 Went back to USMC MCRD San Diego to get a reality check and got it! Attended 25 year LHS reunion and had a blast. Andrew Jordan Ray graduates 8th grade from North Prairie

2009 Joined for who knows what reason; well my wife nudged me to. Enjoyed my first Bacon-Explosion while watching the Steelers win another Super Bowl with the Cook Clan. Ryan Christopher graduates 8th grade from Big Hollow. Ashley gets her drivers license. Our 10th anniversary is celebrated at Disney in Orlando

2010 Successful year of deer hunting (97 pounds of deer bacon), purchased hunting property in Vernon County, WI. Cameron Michael graduates 8th grade from Big Hollow. Andrew gets his drivers license. Cathy triumphs over 'sticky' surgery. Attend Stanley Cup Game 1 & the Victory Parade for Chicago Blackhawks. Diagnosed with Melanoma on my right face cheek, kicked its ass; ME 2 - Cancer 0

2011 Diagnosed with Melanoma on my forehead, kicked its ass; ME 3 - Cancer 0. Ashley graduates from Grant H.S., is accepted to study Chemisty (we think that is what she'll study) at Millikin University. Ryan gets his drivers license. Family vacation in Hawaii. To be continued...

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 445-447: Vacation Photos

Here are the pictures I took from my cell phone. We had two actual cameras with us as well which have yet to be uploaded; soon hopefully. Too many pictures here for me to caption each one, but if you mouse-hover over them the picture name (see bottom browser bar) does reflect the caption fairly well. Enjoy!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!