Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 270 - The ABC's of My Fridge, Come Inside

First, allow me to say WOW - Very inspiring the comments received yesterday. My post spoke of having a daily talk with yourself to maintain momentum and several spoke of a more frequent self talk. Bravo to all I say!

So today I thought I'd give you a peak inside our refrigerator/freezer. I must warn you, its contents really do not look like what you might expect to find in the home of someone trying to lose weight. Keep in mind, I have four teenagers whose idea of eating healthy is having grilled onions on their bacon double cheese burger.

Up top there you see the it in it's most innocent view. It's outside shiny & peaceful, or maybe just shiny. A mess of stuff hangs off of it...
A- Grocery lists, TWO. The one on the left is for Costco on a Happy Bunny note pad; the right for Target or Dominicks on a Curious George note pad. In case you are wondering, the Curious George note pad is MINE!
B- A bunch of refrigerator magnets. The one being pointed out there is Garfield; no doubt trying to get inside in search of lasagna.
C- Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Championship towel, just in case you needed a reminder before your snack.

Ok, let us see what is inside...
Lots of yummy stuff in here. We'll look inside the deli/veg compartments later, inside the main area we find...
A- Greek Yogurt. Nobody eats this but me. This week it is Fage, next week maybe Chobani; whatever is on sale.
B- B is for Beverages. A Brita Water Dispenser keeps me hydrated. When water won't cut it, plenty of adult beverages; left to right Jack Daniels malt something-or-other for my wife, Chili Pepper flavored beer which I received as a gift, and Miller Lite in case John Madden stops by.
C- Leftovers galore! There you see a couple of baked potatoes still in foil, a container with pork chops, another with pasta in sauce, and the little one has pineapple chunks. Wednesday is usually leftover night.

So, what is to be found stored in the doors?
The left door, has less storage space as the ice maker is behind it. But still, some cool goods to be had here...
A- V8 Tomato Juice, I have a 5.5 oz can every day. Good Stuff!
B- Kids eat here, or I mean, kids sauce their food from here. Nasty commercial asian themed sauces which all have enough sugar to send anyone into a coma.
C- I am a man of convenience, hence I buy egg whites in a carton even though separating them by hand is pretty easy.

On to the other door...
Right door, simply just condiments...
A- Cream Cheese in all shapes & sizes of containers. You saw bread & bagels in the main compartment, have to have sour cream for those I hear... neither the bagels or cream cheese is eaten by me; almost never!
B- Amongst the ketchup and mustard what is this rare find highlighted here? Why yes, it is Bacon Flavored Mayo! Heaven in a jar my friends; HEAVEN!
C- Hot Sauce & Buffalo Wing Sauce are more popular in our house than milk or soda pop.

As promised, the deli/veg compartments...
As expected meats & cheeses can be found here...
A- Well also here is some healthy stuff in this veggie compartment; a bag of salad, carrots and green onions. I put this compartment to good use.
B- CHEESE, so many to choose from! We are only 15 minutes from Wisconsin, have to support the neighbors to the north.
C- Left to right, Venison snack-stix and bacon; Ok now I am hungry!

Just one more and we're done...
The Freezer, ours is below the refrigerator. Here is the stuff we use either frequently or will soon. In the basement is a monster-sized upright freezer with a ton of meat inside, oh and frozen waffles too. But back to this freezer...
A- A package of green beans in case someone burns themselves and needs a cold compress.
B- Meat-a-palooza; Pork Shoulder, Pork Chops, Chicken Breasts, Beef Roast
C- Ground meat; beef and venison, have to have variety!

Ok, I am done, your turn; what is in your refrigerator?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. Fun! I'm gonna get on this one today. My fridge looks like the Sahara Desert in comparison to yours. I've got two small eating children. Such a fun insight to your world. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HAHA! I think I'm going to do this as well. You will run in fear from my fridge/freezer. Oh yes, there are 3 ice creams in the freezer right now.

  3. Thanks for showing us around your fridge!

    I've just today bought a carton of egg whites. Finally found a place that does free range organic ones! Looking forward to making a high-protein, low-carb/fat veggie omelette later. :o)

    As an aside, now Craig has fitted integrated appliances in our kitchen, I miss not being able to attach stuff to the fridge with magnets... :o(

  4. LOL, that was great "green beans in case someone burns themselves"...I have a package for that too! ;)

  5. I bet you'll get some interesting responses here...

    2 cartons of eggs - 1 carton hard boiled, 1 carton raw, ready to be scrambled

    bunches of leftovers, 3 different kinds of cheeses from spreadable to singles, 2 diff kinds of deli meat

    basic veg - celery, peppers, carrots, lettuce, prepared salad stuff

    A gallon of milk, a gallon of green tea, a container of apple juice and coffee creamer

    mayonnaise, hot sauce, soy sauce, salad dressings (most of it not expired) and chocolate syrup

    Freezer - full of meat and lots of frozen veg

  6. This is great!!

    I have a gallon of 1% milk

    unsweetened almond milk for my Amazing Grass drinks

    Eggs..hard boiled and raw

    a container of sliced turkey breast that I roasted sunday

    plenty of salad fixings


    miracle whip light, mustard, philadelphia whipped cream cheese, ketchup and Matt's A1 sauce

    Land o Lakes white american for my son, for his goal in life is to turn into a cheese sandwich.

    Strawberries and blueberries

    fresh scallops for dinner tonight for me

    laughing cow lite garlic and herb cheese wedges

    and Yo Kids Dannon yogurt for the kids lunches

    freezer is full of chicken and 93% lean grd beef, Vitatops, a box of Vitabrownies and some Kashi meals for lunch in a pinch...
    and frozen veggies including some frozen chopped onions in case I'm REALLY lazy when preparing a meal for the family.

    We have the frozen peas for the boo boo too. LOL

  7. Sorry! Can't do egg whites. I do them whole and love every bite of them!!!! LOL

  8. NICE! You have a lot of good, low carby things in there. YUM! I have a lot of the same things...minus the meat and alcohol. We don't have meat/beer in our house. And Greek yogurt = delish!

  9. My fridge is pretty generic, Patrick. I will share but post no photos as it is sort of a a bear pit in there at the moment. There is 2% milk, light chocolate soy milk, I will be getting some vanilla soy milk today, Kroger Greek Yogurt, I like Chobani but can't find it now so Dannon is my next favorite but Dail got the wrong kind this week, there are cheeses galore, both shredded and sliced, whole eggs, I would rather have a whole egg than two egg whites. I know there is more fat but I manage to compensate in other ways for the fat in the eggs, there is sliced ham, sliced Canadian Bacon, sliced turkey breast. I keep my whole wheat English muffins in there. I only eat half at a time and they last longer in the fridge. In the freezer are boxes of Pizza Rolls for the boy, there are several varieties of frozen veggies. I prefer those because I don't eat a lot of veggies on my high protein plan and froze can keep for a while. I do sometimes by fresh though when I'm planning something special. I have frozen broccoli, brussels sprouts, peas, and green beans. That is all I can think of other than some leftovers that I may have forgotten about. Basics are usually what we keep here and we don't tend to stock up on perishable items. Oh. I forgot. There is a pack of boneless pork chops in the fridge too.

  10. Bacon flavored Mayo?!?!?!?! AMAZING. I was excited when I found chipolte mayo yesterday.
    My fridge is pretty bare because I pretty much am the only one who uses it. (my roomie eats out a lot)
    Veggies: peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, carrots, avocados, cabbage
    Leftovers: ground beef, polenta pancakes, rice
    Other: tonic water, silk pumpkin spice, almond milk, coconut milk, artichoke hearts, turkey

  11. Bacon Mayo??? I can't believe my husband hasn't sourced this and ordered it by the case load! I get ya on the cheese. I had my first visit to Wisconsin this past year and oh man. Cheese, Cheese and more cheese! Wish I'd brought a bigger cooler for the trip back north of the border.

    Loads of veggies in my fridge, some chicken that will be butter chicken over brown rice for dinner tonight and a ridiculous amount of passion tea ready to make iced tea.

  12. Fun post, Patrick. I always like reading articles like this in magazines. What a clean and organized fridge you have.

    My fridge - the usual, milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, wheat germ and chia seeds and tons of veggies. We need to keep a lot on hand to feed our bunnies. The freezer is my favourite part because there are at least 10 homemade, healthy frozen meals for my lunches at work. Just yesterday a few ladies were drooling over my lunch and asked if my husband was for hire as he made the lunches.

  13. You are so organized! I have two different containers of Crystal Lite drink mix all made up and ready to sip. Lots of low fat cheese. Not much fruit in there since that now sits on the counter - the cold is too shocking to my teeth. Usually, leftovers. Not today though.

  14. Okay, first off I'm really jealous over how clean your fridge is. Would you please come do something like that with mine? LOL You have some great food choices, Patrick. I'm going to copy some of them too. *wink* Thanks for letting us peek inside your fridge. :)

  15. You are sooooooooooooooooo brave! My fridge is not pretty clean like yours is so no showing mine! ;-) But I do love me all flavors of mustard!!!! I have some similar stuff too - chicken, Greek yogurt, water, PB, homemade protein cookies & bars & so much more!

    I have magnets & crazy grandkid drawn pics all over the front on my fridge!

  16. I've already shown mine....
    for all the world to see.
    But now it's empty again!

  17. What a fun post!!!

    Look at all those eggs! I love that!!

  18. Your fridge is so neat! Thanks for the great post....will be following suit.