Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 155 - 45% Progress

Hello to all my furry friends. Or, furless friends if you are bald or, well....

Saturday's workout was on the home gym routine. My first strength training in over a week. Taking last week off from the weights per doctor's orders was not fun mentally because I wanted to go down there and lift. So you can imagine how happy I felt to be able to do so today. Huh, you can't imagine it? Ok, I was happier than a lonely tick on a fat sleepy dog.

A couple of shout outs before I get to my weekly weigh in...
  • Chances are you already follow The Anti-Jared but if not go get a gander at Tony's blog which he just moved to a new service and is sporting a cool new look.
  • Michelle of The Garlic Chronicles has moved her blog, or is starting a new one actually, as she embarks on a new journey; now she can be found at Meesh.
  • A guy I call G96 set a goal to bike 500 miles about 3 months ago and yesterday he reported the good news at Going For 96 that he hit that goal and also has dropped over 25 pounds along the way. If you want to know what going for 96 means you'll have to go check out his 'about' page, one of the cooler reasons behind a blog name I have read.
As for myself, as of this morning I am saying sayonara to a bit more fat; Oh Yeah...

In all 45% of the weight I no longer want is gone.
That's 54 pounds lost over twenty-one weeks; 2 of them this past week.
Today I weighed in at 266 pounds.

Have yourselves a healthy, happy and humerous Sunday!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. Way to go, Patrick--and on a week when you've not been allowed to exercise all out. Wowzers!

  2. Way to go on a really good loss even though you couldn't exercise!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Patrick!

    Every time I visit I'm so inspired by your blog!

  4. Congratulations, Patrick. You are doing great. Your blog is an inspiration for me to get myself on track and hopefully stay there. Give yourself a pat on the back!

  5. Congrats on the loss, Patrick, even though you didn't get to work out. Walking is good, eh?

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Patrick! Congrats on a continued loss!!

  7. Congrats on the 2 pounds Patrick! I can't believe you're almost halfway to your final goal weight! I feel like you just freaking started on your journey, you weight-busting maniac!

  8. YES PATRICK, to weight loss & WEIGHTS!!! You know me & the weights!!!!

    Congrats on the award!!

  9. I love lifting weights too! Glad you're getting back into it, and congrats on the loss sounds like you've been working hard!

  10. woo hoo!! 2 pounds is a good week!!

  11. healthy humorous sunday?

    now what?!

  12. Congrats on that loss Patrick and on getting back to the strength training too!