Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 150 - Night Time Mov'in

Monday was a decent day. Ate well all day. It was taco night at our house, it is on average 2x a month. For myself I through some chopped bell pepper and firm tofu in a skillet, seasoned it and got it hot. When that red bell pepper turned a brilliant red in the pan I hit it all with a heaping tablespoon of homemade salsa (recipe is HERE, mine was hot of course). A few ticks of the  clock later and it was ready to come to rest on a bed of grilled onions in a whole grain tortilla; MY taco!

Yeah, there was no danger of anyone else wanting it let me assure you. Tofu is like kryptonite in our house, only I am not weakened to my core at the site of it. Same could be said for bell peppers too, just not a household of veggie appreciators. Working on that.

Planned to get up early and work out but, that didn't happen. The bed needed to be kept warm just a bit longer, yeah that was it. But fear not, I exercised. After dinner I got in a trip on my 3.6 mile Neighborhood-II Loop.

Dark, it gets dark after dinner now. It is only September. I imagine in late December all my exercise will be in the dark. Fine, I am prepared. I am a hunter so I have plenty of warm weather clothing. And, I am luminous. yep, check out that picture, that's me glowing as I walk last night. Pic is a bit fuzzy, I was moving and didn't want to lose pace to shoot the pic so I gave up quality for pace.

Whenever I am out & about I usually wear that fedora, including when I exercise. Realizing the darkness was creeping in on our day I purchased a pair of reflective arm/leg straps recently. When worn on my arms they feel restrictive. On my legs they feel kinky, just go with it. So, I connected them together and what do you know, the perfect reflective hat band. I'd patent it, but come on, the market for folks that exercise in a fedora has to be teeny-tiny.

The walk felt great. For one because I was getting in a good walk for the first time in a week. And two because I know I needed it and was stoked to be putting the previous sedentary week behind me.

How great did it feel? It felt 58:50 minutes great; a new PR but almost 2 full minutes. Seven seconds short of two minutes to be factual. In previous walks on this loop I have chipped away at that PR, not sure why I smashed that one so convincingly this time. Maybe it is the cooler temperatures. Maybe I was just on a bigger high than I realized. Maybe it was the salsa. Whatever it was; Oh Yeah!

Are you prepared for adapting your exercise to the change in seasons?

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. Couldn't help but notice the ticker has not moved much. Do you have thoughts on that? It seems you are doing a lot to increase you weight loss.
    On a different note - I dig the reflecting picture AND I have never said it but the thinker pose you have when you respond to others post is classic - don't change it. Somehow you managed to capture a thousand words with that pose.

  2. OH YEAH, a PR is awesome!!! Maybe it was those reflectors spurring you on! Course hot salsa never hurt either!!!;-)

    Great job!

  3. OK. I could make fun of exercising in a fedora but I'm not going to b/c somehow it just suits you. Do your kids still go with you with the reflective stripes? I'm not sure mine would. LOL. Great PR. Changing of seasons is the one nice thing about having a gym membership. In AZ, however, it's for opposite seasons. I have to have a gym membership for the summers here but I hope to get outside more as the weather cools off.

  4. There are many worse fitness fashion faux pas than a classy fedora - i remember the eighties when girls knocked about in leg-warmers and runners wore short-shorts and wrist and head-bands. What a sight.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement by the way - Damn, that triple cheesburger wrapped in bacon sounded FINE. I had my wobbler yesterday and managed to get through it unscathed and my resolve does seem to have been strengthened by this. I've never really managed to succeed beyond 3 weeks of any diet before so this week (my third) is going to be a test, but i'm doing my best not to think of it in these terms and just kind of get on with each day. Plus, surprisingly i am learning to enjoy running using the Couch-to-5K plan, so i am feeling pretty positive at the moment....i definitely don't wear short-shorts when running!

  5. I would TOTALLY exercise in a fedora if I had one, that is. I'm ready to adapt to season change as i am ready for cooler weather. It is so hot still here in Texas!

  6. Great job on your night walk! I started walking later in the morning because its a little cooler out.

  7. Love the taco, fedora, walking at night..the whole she-bang! :)

  8. Actually going for walks in the woods during winter in deep snow is my favorite way to get exercise! Love the hat :)

  9. Awesome PR totally smashed your old record!

    I hate hot weather, so I've been walking a lot more at night and during the day. I've started walking or biking to school. I'm still going to the gym so I'll just amp that up when the snow comes....which could be tomorrow :)

    Have a great on Patrick! Keep up the stellar job!-

  10. I am so so so excited for the change of seasons.
    the texas summers can feel interminable.


  11. Not sure what that picture is, but your post title caught my attention today. New awesome places to walk is always nice. I like a change of scenery myself. Now I have to hop over to Phil's blog and say hi...btw, I agree with Phil, it looks like a wax seal or the top of a bottle (foil).