Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 205 - Fruit To Battleship

Fruit Count: 172 - Through the weekend we have collectively enjoyed 172 pieces of fruit over the the past five days. Mandy continues to be our lead fruit challenger, she knocked down 7 again on Saturday and 8 pieces on Sunday! Can we get to our goal of 199 by the end of day today, or at latest Tuesday; making it a clean week to get this fruit challenge done? Lets make a go at it, pick, pack and munch some winning fruit and shout out how many pieces you eat today!

Today's post will be a picture based affair to get the week off to an easy start. The pic of the fruit there, those are the three pieces I am taking to work today. Those will be eaten for sure, likely another piece or two will find their way in my belly by bed time as well.

This past Saturday I went to the Rollins Savanna for my cardio walk. I had not been there since July. Great place to walk, very well maintained preserve. Chilly morning, lower 40's. Thus I was dressed for the chill, but I cannot be accused of putting any effort into color coordination of this ensemble...

Along the way I realized I had company, my shadow. Keeping pace with me step for step. Hhmmm, can I log double miles for my November Go The Distance challenge?

No, I didn't finish as neat & clean looking as I started, but I did finish the 3.6 mile walk. After 54:49 minutes I completed what I had began. A PR by nearly 3-1/2 minutes better than my walk here. Water, I needed water.

Did you get in any cardio this weekend?

When I home I wasted no time getting some food ready. I was hungry! And here was my meal of choice for lunch; A broiled 'Spicy Chicken Breast' over a medley of peppered veggies. Spicy, simple and filling...

Do you like it spicy?

Sunday my wife and I hung out. First stop for us in the morning was a visit to the YMCA where she is a member. She is a swimmer and gets her cardio in via the water when she can. I decided to go with er using a guest pass. I gave their weight room the once over and had a great time. So many more options there than on my home gym. We noodle the idea of converting her individual membership into a family membership,and we might. The only reason we have not is location, this place is near where she works which is nowhere near where I work. So I am having issues justifying the added cost when I would likely just use it on weekends. Maybe...

Where do you workout?

These next two pics I lifted from a friends facebook page. Any Star Wars fans out there? If you are this is good for a laugh. My kids messed with Mentos & Coke when they were younger, this certainly looks like something they would have cooked up for fun...

Have you ever mixed Mentos & Coke?

Now this one doesn't need much commentary from me. Simply said, times have come along way...

Has anyone ever purposely smiled while washing dishes?
- - -
Have a great Monday!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. My guess for the picture is a fruit cock and balls !!! Did I win ?

  2. That PR rocks Patrick! YES! And as for fruit, I tend to eat more veggies than fruit sooo BUT I will be having some fruit today later!

    Yes, I like it SPICY! :-)

    Gym is my place to work out except Sunday when I run outside at home. I need the gym for my love of weights!

    And yes, love Star Wars & yes, I date myself with that last pic!

  3. I didn't even get close to cardio this weekend, but I did some Wii biking and walking at the art museum.

    I've never done the Mentos and Coke thing. We do a lot of science experiments "for fun" around here though. Strange family.

    I do NOT like it spicy. My tummy is a big ol' sissy and always has been. No Mexican food for me, no tomato or citrus either. Sweet green peppers are the spiciest I can go. Pathetic stomach lining!

    I always smile at my man when he's winning at Battleship, whether I doing dishes or cleaning his shoes with my toothbrush. Watching him have a pleasant time gives me joy. (what-evah!)

    Star Wars is fun, especially the old stuff. I don't even think I've seen all of the newer movies though. I love me a big hairy wookie - especially if it's riding on the back of a giant squirrel and fighting nazi's. Wait, that was somebody else's blog

  4. Smiling while washing the dishes? ONLY if it involved splashing obscene amounts of water and soap bubbles at my husband in the process. :-) I hear you on the YMCA membership. It's really too bad that memberships are *SO EXPENSIVE!* It would make the decision much easier if it were a matter of an extra $10-20 per month.

  5. Hilarious picture on the game box. No, I don't usually smile while doing dishes while watching the boys play. I'm more of a veggie person, too. But, I can contribute 4 pieces of fruit for the weekend.

  6. I love the star wars scene. You know where I work out - dingy poor lit facility - and I have to shower with other men!!! FUN Times!

  7. Great job on the exercising this weekend, Patrick! I enjoy reading the PRs.

    Smiling while handwashing dishes? Ha, I have a 1950s cookbook with a helpful home hints sections that advises the homemaker, if she needs to rest, to lay flat on the kitchen floor! (Don't want to mess up those perfectly made beds, or get too comfortable and not be able to get through all the chores.) It also talked about having your makeup and hair fixed nicely, and to be sure to wear a dress when you greet your husband at the door. After a hard day at work, he deserves to see a pleasant scene.

    Try running THAT one by the ladies, guys. LOL

    If I ever take a break by laying on the kitchen floor, my husband would be calling 9-1-1. Still, we all know how exhausting it is, smiling while washing all those dishes by hand ...

  8. I have strawberry Greek Yogurt every morning. Does that count as a fruit serving?:)

  9. Congrats on the PR!
    So many questions here:
    Didn't get in much cardio this weekend but doing 60 miles this weekend will certainly make up for it. I like things mildy spicy but I don't like to sweat when I eat. I work out at home and at the gym. I love my gym! Who hasn't done the Mentos w/Coke? Generally, while doing dishes, I'm cussing at my husband for not rinsing his plate off and having to scrape off dried up bits of food. Yuck!

  10. Saturday I had 2 servings of watermelon and a banana. Sunday I had 1 serving of watermelon, 1 pear. Today I'll have an apple and an orange.

    I work out at home or the gym or wherever I can. I got cardio in this weekend w/ walking and w/ yard work and house work. I like a little spice, but not too much. I have played with mentos and Coke. Funny pic. And the last one- GROWL. Screw that.

  11. I seem to remember reading that if a person's gym is more then 10 minutes out of their way, they are much less likely to go.

    Right now, I work out on the trails around my house and the pool that is a 5 minute drive away. I do have some equipment in my house that sees occasional use when I don't feel like going outside.

  12. Well I am way behind on the fruit talley so will just give you a grand total from my last fruit number: 11 counting the 3 I brought today.

    I did get in some great cardio this weekend, tried my first Zumba class on Saturday and did a hour on the elliptical yesterday.

    I work out at a local 24 hour gym but also love being outdoors and doing my cardio too. With it getting cold though it will probably just be the gym for the next several months.

    Yep, like my food spicy. Eating my soup right now and it's making my nose run lol.

    Yep we've done the mentos/soda thing several times, always a great hit with the kids. Wish I had those pictures on here I would show ya.

    Nope, no smiling when I have to do the dishes but when it's someone else turn well of course lol.

  13. Does cleaning the house and cooking for two days count as cardio??? Lol!

    Looks like an awesome place to exercise that you picked there.

  14. Hey, I was going to guess on the mystery picture, too. My guess is an Apple, a Banana, and a Pear--did I win??? :-)
    I did get some cardio this weekend--a 4+ mile run and a 12 mile bike ride. Fruit, I haven't added mine to your total yet, but for this weekend count me in for 7 pieces (an assortment of mandarin oranges, pears, grapefruit, dried apricots).
    Thanks for highlighting the carton picture on the Battleship box. Our world has changed. It might still expect the "girls" to be doing dishes while the "guys" are playing, but woe be to the marketer who'd put it right out there (and smiling no less!). In this house, DH does the dishes.

  15. Hey, what's with the obsene fruit?!? Lol!! Just kidding!

    I had 2 bananas, a plum, 2 apples, and I'm ashamed to say that's it.

    By the way, I tagged you here:

    Have fun!

  16. I had nine. NINE! And! Nine is NOT FINE!

  17. I had 6 which seems like a reasonable, rational, non-crazy-person-like-Mandy amount of servings.

  18. Patrick

    Being a fellow Norther Chicago resident, how the heck to you do your cardio outside? Whenever I try, I get (now here's a pretty picture) frozen snot stuck to my face. Also, this might not happen to you as you are a man, but do you ever get scared that some deranged killer is going to pop out of the woods and harm you - while all you are trying to do is get healthy?

    And finally, what keeps you motivated with the dark short days and cold winds blowing. I am having trouble motivating, but don't want to join the weight loss blogging community. I am really involved in my parents of bipolar blogsphere and ex-New Yorkers blog world - but would love any advice.

    Cheers - keep up the great work you are looking (as we say i NY "F-ing Fabulous"

  19. I love that shadow picture.
    and yes.
    with the child already awake and screaming in my ear that's all I gots this morning.

    Here's to our tuesday being a good one!