Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 125 - Ask Me Anything

Happy Friday Everybody!

First order of business, get your motivation fix HERE, Misunderstood and Admired did it!!! A marvelous journey's milestone achieved, just marvelous!

For the most part a solid day, I exercise - had a great workout actually. You know when a workout is just going well, the reps are movements of art, the breathing is symphonic, the timing is precision. Well, maybe someday I'll have a workout that pristine but last nights workout was the best I've had in a long time, like years and years ago long time.

Food, good, not great. You can see I had a slight cave in at the end of the day. Not sure if that workout stoked up my appetite or if I simply let my guard down and let my gut make decisions on eating vs. my brain. If that is my stumble for this week and no more, I'll be just fine.

As promised yesterday's log looked like this....
  • 6a - Tomato Juice, Peach, Greek Yogurt
  • 8a - Milk
  • 10a - Pear, Cheese Stick
  • 1215p - Garden Salad w/ Tuna (canned) and Sesame Oil Dressing
  • 245p - Muscle Milk Light (vanilla flavor)
  • 530p - Exercise: Home Gym Routine, 5 sets of Crunches & Push Ups each
  • 7p - Grilled Chicken Wings, Burger Patty, Coleslaw w/ Salsa (leftover night, the burger 5 oz. but not needed; but was aiming for protein after the workout.)
  • 830p - 100 Calorie WW Ice Cream bar (hit by a sweet tooth attack and I caved)
A few weeks ago I had an exchange with a blogger where they asked a few questions of me about diet and then a few off topic questions. Nothing improper, just a blogger being curious about another I suppose. At the end of that exchange they suggested I do an 'Ask Me Anything' post. Having seen a few bloggers do this before I replied, sure, someday I'll do so.

Guess what, today is someday. So, Ask Me Anything, and I'll pop back in later with answers, or answer them tomorrow at the latest. You can ask anything, ask more than one question if so moved; I reserve the right to not answer something of course - I'm quite thick skinned so not likely I will abstain.

I'll seed this with a few of the questions I recall the previously mentioned blogger asking...
Q: How often did you exercise when you started?
A: Actually I didn't exercise the first week of my mission; that week was about changing my mindset and eating habits. After week one I exercised as often as I could make time, and then only for as long as I could handle it. I knew I had to get moving, but I also knew didn't need to run a race on day one. Short walks, short periods of time on a treadmill was all I did to get moving.

Q: When you were younger did you have problems with your weight?
A: Nothing more than being a bit chubby in high school, but that was corrected my senior year as I knew I was going to enlist in the USMC. It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I let life get in the way of making healthy choices.

Q: Do you like the beach and if so, do you prefer tanning lotion or oil? (recall I said he asked a few off topic questions, this was the oddest)
A: The beach I can take or leave. I don't make a beach a priority when planning a vacation, if one happens to be there, so be it. I am a white male of Irish-Scottish heritage, I don't tan; I burn. I use sun screen when I play golf, or attend outdoor sporting events. Never do I recall buying real tanning products.

Also a few of the blog awards have asked me to respond with 'x' number of random or unknown facts about yourself, these might be found interesting, or funny, maybe odd; they are quickly referenced here.

So, if interested, Ask Me Anything and have a great Friday!

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. Glad you had a great workout!

  2. Do you ever not have the energy? or do you think even asking this is the real energy drainer? :)

  3. Erm....
    Boxers of briefs?

    (Sorry, that's the best I've got today.)

  4. As I've been reading your blog since the beginning, you seem to have unflagging motivation! How do you keep yourself excited about your journey day after day?

  5. Will you describe one significant life changing event in your life?

  6. Whats your next biggest goal? a certain weight or non scale victory or running a marathon?

    As a red head, I don't tan either the most I get is a nice orangey pink coloring and more freckles.

  7. Loved reading the old posts with the about you. Toobad there was no you tube when you were in college. What did you do in the Corps?

  8. Patrick, congrats on the great workout! I strive for perfection each day but rarely meet it. I had one of those great workouts last week tho, and I loved it. :)

  9. Question:
    How did you get to be so nice?

  10. Keep up the focus Patrick!

    OK, I was going to ask but held back as I though it might come off "condescending" but it is NOT!!! Just curiosity.

    How many calories do you eat a day in general? By the recent posts, it seems sometimes you don't eat that.. I know some people that really try to cut back on calories too much. Not saying that is you but just curious. Sometimes I see guys eating the same calories as me & for most, they should be eating more than me.

    Sounds like you have plenty of energy so I am guessing you are eating enough.

  11. Ok, wow, great questions. Some quite challenging too. Answers - here we go...

    River asked, Do you ever not have the energy? or do you think even asking this is the real energy drainer? :)
    A: If you are asking about having the energy to blog, some days I admit I do not. So far on those days I have at least mustered the mental energy to put up a post. Blogging everyday is not necessary, but for now, it keeps me honest and attentive to this mission. If you are asking about having energy to continue on this mission when it'd be easier to return to spending hours motionless & eating 3,000+ calories a day, well yes I do have off days when my mind hesitates to put energy to work. Luckily, on this mission which is like attempt 56 for me, luckily I have not had back to back to back off days. And I give blogging allot of credit for that. Coming here daily, posting, reading, commenting; blogging ignites my mind to out energy to work. Blogging, it has been better than any source of diet help I have ever tried in past attempts. WAY better!

    Christine asked, Boxers of briefs?
    A: Boxer-Briefs, specifically Hanes Classics Men's Comfort Cool Performance Boxer Briefs.

    Carla asked, As I've been reading your blog since the beginning, you seem to have unflagging motivation! How do you keep yourself excited about your journey day after day?
    A: This answer is similar to the answer above on energy, I draw a good deal of motivation from bloggers like you and as well my own blog where I have listed my What I Dislike and Don't Want, I try to review this weekly to recall why I started this mission. And you know another thing that motivates me, fear. Oh not fear of dying young, or not being able to fit in my shower, or anything directly related to obesity. Sure I do fear those things, but this fear I speak of I developed after I started this mission; it is the fear of coming here and putting up a post that I've flopped off the wagon, ruined weeks of effort, or worse, quit and closed the books on yet another failed mission. I want reach my goal of 199 pounds, I want to be able to write that post that tells everyone who cares that I DID IT. I fear not doing that, so I run from that fear, run from it with determined effort; effort fueled by the motivation to never again have to say I have failed.
    Mertle asked, Whats your next biggest goal? a certain weight or non scale victory or running a marathon?
    A: I have created a Bucket List. The one I want to cross off next is this one, "Experience (again) having blood pressure not regulated by medication". I believe I am close to that one actually. Next month I plan to visit my doctor and have that discussion, but then I should have lost at least 50 pounds and hopefully repaired some cardiovascular infrastructure.

  12. Some more...

    Wishing on a star asked, Will you describe one significant life changing event in your life?
    A: Well, with respect to a significant event that triggered me to start this current mission I am on, there was not a single significant event. I know many who finally make that life altering change such as shedding their obesity get their motivation to do so from a significant event like a heart attack, death of a loved one, realization they cannot wipe their bums clean,etc.. My mission was triggered by a building frustration over the past year or so. My sighs, groans, cussing, and disgust were growing louder and more frequent each time I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without gasping like a fish out of water, each time I chose not to go to a gathering because I didn't want to be the fat man in the room, each time I had to pass up on the roller coaster because I knew I wouldn't be able to fit in the car, each time I felt the need to change my clothes come mid-day because I was sweating so heavy on a 60-degree day. And I could go on. Those frustrations had built up over many years but the past year I lost my desire to ignore them, not sure why, but luckily I did. Together, the sum of these frustrations caused me to say ENOUGH on April 18th of this year, and mission Responsibility 199 was on.

    Luke asked, What did you do in the Corps?
    A: My MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) was a 2811, Teletype-Telephone Technician. When in high school I disliked school and had no interest in proceeding on to four years of college. But, I was astute enough to know I needed more education. Deciding on a military path was easy for me, but I wouldn't sign up unless I had a guarantee of learning a viable skill which I could apply after my enlistment was over. The USMC guaranteed me an MOS in electronics which I had a passion for. They wouldn't guarantee me a specific MOS, just that upon graduation from boot camp they would assign me one in an electronics field. That was good enough for me and Teletype-Telephone Technician was the assignment. Boot camp and electronics school were in California, San Diego & Twentynine Palms respectively. From there I was assigned to maintenance units in Virginia, Okinawa, Mainland Japan, and back in California. About half of the time I exercised those electronics skills and the other half I volunteered for duty with the infantry units or took on other assignments that kept me away from the boredom of the electronics repair shops. Some fun, some not so much. One not so much, Deployment Asset Security; turned out to be guard duty of the motor pool in Japan's dead of winter. Walking amongst trucks and jeeps on 30-below nights had me regretting that choice fast. One that was fun, setting up communication posts for exercises where scout patrols had the mission of finding and eliminating them. Our challenge was to make them near impossible to find, and if found, destroy them and evade capture. Keep in mind I served in 1983-87, America was not engaged in any major combat operations at the time, only a few smaller ops by comparison to the decade we live in now and the units I was assigned to had nothing to do with those. Loved the Corps and I display my service and veteranship proudly to this day. After 4 years I left the Corps to go to college.

  13. And some more...
    Anne asked, How did you get to be so nice?
    A: LOL, not sure just how nice I am, but I guess I treat others as I prefer to be treated. Sorry if that sounds so cliche. The alternative, being a rude, ill-tempered, jack-load of a person; perhaps I'd be more colorful if that were me but I'd likely be less fulfilled in many other ways.

    Jody asked, How many calories do you eat a day in general?
    A: On average between 1,700 and 2,000 a day. I have said a few times I do not count calories or nutrient percentages regularly. Rarely do I actually and when i do I do so as a means of checking myself only; one such time was discussed on Day 95. In general I do believe I am eating enough. When my progress stalls, as it has the past couple of weigh-ins, I do ponder whether or not I should cut the food back. But so far I have reasoned that I do not need to cut back calories, but rather, ensure I do not go over 2,000 and do not skip exercise.

  14. You should be very proud of your service and I thank you for it. as I ahve written beore I wish I could serve.