Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 79 - Water Rules

Good Morning everybody. I hope your 4th of July festivities were not so grand that you find yourself hungover and flat today. Myself I only drank a couple beers so no hangover but I am a bit flat. Just a day of lower quality food overall has me feeling heavy and slow today. No regrets, holiday fun, family good times.

I need to go out and get a walk in, that should fix this my mood and set me on track for the week ahead. But before I do so I have one discussion item I'd like to share. Olena over at Weight loss-victory program, check out her site if you haven't as she has some fun & cool photos of what she does with food; the photo here on my blog is from her latest post.

Last week she shared this thought with me in an exchange over at Weight Loss Bloggers recently, "Consider this rule: if you want to lose weight, drink water 30-40 min before the meal. If you want to gain, drink water with your meal; drinking within 30 min after eating, your weight will remain the same."

Hmm, what do you think, is this an accurate expectation of using water in your diet? On one hand it does seem to make some sense. On the other hand I do drink water with my meals and so hope that part is not quite right. Myself I try and drink 2 liters a day throughout the day and don't usually try and drink a  full glass before meals but as I said I do drink during meals and likely get a glass or two down as I eat dinner.

My guess it the facts have more to do with how much water you drink and when. Drinking too much water must have something to do with retaining water, thus weight. And I've heard that if your food intake is overly salty then you can expect to retain water even more. True or not, I am not sure, but I perhaps it all goes along with the general rule that anything in excess is not good.

OK, off I go for a walk and some healthy ways today; have a great day everyone.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. That water theory is sort of interesting....I always drink water after my meals. Not for any sort of reason other than thats the way I do it. I do drink all through the day whenever I feel the need.
    I am new here at your blog, and haven't read everything yet. I noticed you were in the USMC when I was. I was in 1980 to 1984..Semper Fi! And I saw the Who in California I think in 82 or 83. It was then billed as their last concert! Where were you stationed?

  2. Interesting thoughts on water. Personally, I think it's more how much you drink rather than when you drink it. But I have always heard that it's better to drink while you eat so that your tummy has fluid in it to help with digestion, instead of the heavy food just getting in there and bogging down. And if you're prone to retaining, it helps to drink more so that your body will release what it's holding on to. For me, I know that drinking between 8 & 12 cups (80-96 ounces) of water per day is perfect. More than that and I feel bloated, less than that and I don't get nearly enough exercise from running to the potty, lol!!

  3. Micheal, Thanks for stopping by, always noce to meet a fellow Marine here; I will check out your blog shortly. I did just one 4-year tour in teh Corps but I got around. 1983 MCRD (3rd Bn.)San Diego, CA... 1984 Twenty Nine Palms, CA and Quantico, VA... 1985 Camp Kinser, Okinawa and Camp Fuji, Japan...1986 Camp Pendleton, CA. where in 1987 I completed my elistment and as honorably discharged.

    FS, I think the water debate is one that may not be easily answered. Seems you & I approach water similarly.

  4. I am not sure I am on board with this... sometimes hunger is actually thirst.. I know that. I tend to drink all thru the day... There have been times when I actually tried to drink more than I needed... I exercise a lot so those days I drink more than on rest days.

    Drinking water before your meal may just fill you up & make you eat less....

    I will research on the water statement but I still don't when has to do with weight loss. It is more that you need to get your water intake in each day for the bod to work right...

  5. I don't think drinking water has anything to do with weight loss at all! There are times when I drink more or less and it doesn't seem to make one bit of difference. I do FEEL better when I drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. I always start my day with two glasses of water before I eat breakfast.

  6. I find that the more I drink water throughout the day, the less I feel hungry. I've never tried drinking water at a specific time in relation to my meals. I don't however believe that drinking water with meals is a bad thing.

  7. I have never heard that before and somehow I just don't think it's accurate. When you drink water shouldn't matter, it's a zero calorie beverage.
    Check out my blog - I gave you an award!

  8. Wow! I did MCRD in San Diego - Hollywood Marine here. My recruiter asked if I wanted to be stationed on the West Coast or East Coast, and I wanted the West Coast. I was stationed at Camp Margarita in Camp Pendleton. I did a couple tours in Okinawa (Camp Hanson) but got around to most of the Camps during my tour. I went to Alaska, Washington, Korea, Phillipines, and some small island called Tinian near Guam. It was fun (looking back on it now.) I met some really interesting people, and traveled to many great places. Anyhow, nice to meet you, and we will talk again.

  9. For me, water is as much about being hydrated so you can take healthy and active part in an exercise regime as anything else...sure there are other alleged benefits too. I don't really know how well they've scientifically established water and weight loss, but anecdotally makes sense.

  10. I'm not sure I'm on board with that either. I know for me, the more water I drink, the more weight I lose. I drink up to a gallon of water a day and I find when I am drinking water all day long, my weight loss has been better. I think it might be because of what Jody said..sometimes hunger is actually thirst.

  11. Congrats on your walk and dragging the Mrs. along too. Water is so important to your health and weight loss. 8-10 glasses a day, water helps reduce fluid retention, supresses appetite and helps metabolise stored fat, helps maintain muscle tone, helps flush out waste, relieves constipation. Some people say to start your day off drink 1 glass of room temperature water as it starts your metabolism going. I agree with drinking water with dinner as it helps you feel fuller and helps with digestion.