Responsibility 199, what is it?

Responsibility 199 is a belief; I believe that to be healthy and to increase my longevity I need to weigh 199 pounds or less...
Responsibility 199 is a need; I need to reduce my weight, reduce my percentage of body fat, and the elevated threat of disease my present condition presents...
Responsibility 199 is a mission; I recognize that achieving 199 will be a challenge, perhaps the hardest I have ever undertaken...
Responsibility 199 is a commitment; I acknowledge that I must commit to action, commit to change, commit to myself and those I love to achieve this mission, to increase my longevity...
Responsibility 199 is ME.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Challenge, No, Two Challenges

Wow, did September move fast or what? It sure did in my eyes. A down right blurry flash of light is what I saw most September days.

Being blurry & busy is great, I prefer busy to not-busy. Actually, a quick sidebar; I am not looking forward to those retirement years because I just cannot wrap my head around being not busy. Oh I am sure when those years arrive, I'll adjust and find things to busy myself with. But for now, retirement is just not something I long for.

Back from the future to what is at hand now. October is now. I am now, you are now; our lives & livelihoods are now. The greatest hurdle to my livelihood continues to be my weight because I've allowed it to be. If you could see me typing right now, you'd see me shaking my head east-west in my own direction.

Enter October, enter opportunity to right that which I find wrong within. To make this right I need tools, many tools. Accountability is one tool which I need to leverage with greater consistency. Accountability will come from many avenues. From family, myself, bloggers, myself, our cats... well maybe not the cats.

To foster Accountability I considered organizing a challenge. But no sooner had that thought arrived when I was presented a number of challenges from fellow bloggers. I participated in a few challenges in 2010 and had good success with them; nope, I have no idea why I stepped away from them when the calendar turned to 2011. Therefore I've decided to enter a pair of challenges for October to amp up Accountability and get this mission rolling again.

One challenge is the always popular Go The Distance challenge (logo up top) organized by FatGirlVsWorld. This challenge leverages a tracking tool, promotes the importance of reward, and has an air of competitiveness within it that can be quite inspiring.

The second challenge is the Fall 31 Day challenge (logo below). This is a challenge that Clyde and his friend Jessica have partnered up on and they've been so kind to invite others to join them. The essence of this challenge; do something, anything, daily for 31 days to achieve a desired goal.

Why two challenges? Simple, I have great respect for the organizers of them, and I figure my chance of success increases when I put myself in their company. It's that simple. I know I can't do this solely on my own volition, otherwise I'd be where I desire to be by now.

If you need the benefits of a challenge, check them out and sign up. Otherwise, at least follow along with us and do us the favor of lending a hand with Accountability.

Responsibility 199 - Gotta Do It!!


  1. People that I know that have retired tell me they are busier since they retired and they don't know where the time goes..... with the help of God, to keep Illinois legislatures from slashing earned benefits... i hope to find out in 10 months... but we are all different... after a few months of eating healthy but not really trying to be more fit... i am on the band wagon, hoping to get into a eating and exercise routine that I will stick with.

  2. Oh I did horribly with my long challenge last fall... so no challenges for me this time! Will be here to cheer you on.

  3. Thanks for joining in, Patrick. I will be stronger because of your involvement.

  4. Patrick -- you know you're one of my favorite #GoTheDist participants -- and I think everyone's numbers are higher when you're around :P

  5. Good luck with that. We all have to do what works for us.

  6. Yes! Challenges sure did help my accountability. I found that being in a challenge over the summer was really beneficial to me. I am in two more this fall. So, best wishes to you!

  7. So glad you are back Patrick! It was my comment about your belt, right!!!?? ;-) I know it was the challenges but had to tease you.

    I have my own personal challenge going on not for weight loss right now BUT not making it public. I have got way too many No's in my past so this way if I get a NO, I don't have to declare it publicly again. Too hard on me mentally nowadays.

    I will cheer you on though! :-)